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Articles for product: Microsoft Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server

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147298 Maximum number of rules per folder in the Inbox or in a public folder in Exchange Server 2003, Exchange 2000, and Exchange Server 5.5
169664 Unexpected icon description for Internet file attachments
170280 Upgrading from Exchange Server Standard Edition to the Enterprise Edition
175481 Exchange single-instance storage and its effect on stores when moving mailboxes
195490 Deleted Items are not moved after you use the Move Mailbox function
216076 Accessing information store folders may become slow in Exchange
218315 You are repeatedly prompted for credentials when you log on to the e-mail server in Outlook 2000
240145 How to remove Exchange Server transaction log files
240152 How to determine which edition of Exchange Server is installed
242947 You receive an "Unable to display the folder" error message when you try to access a public folder in Outlook
248122 How to use Eseutil to test transaction log files for damage in Exchange 2000 Server and in Exchange Server 2003
251606 The client permissions of a public folder show a different owner than you expect in Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003
251746 How to troubleshoot messages that remain in the "Messages awaiting directory lookup" queue in Exchange Server 2003 and in Exchange 2000 Server
255077 How to create a new public folder tree and store in Exchange 2000 Server and in Exchange Server 2003
257638 Locally scoped connectors not allowed in a mixed Exchange Server 5.5-Exchange 2000 environment
257679 How to troubleshoot an event ID 9318 message and an event ID 9322 message that contains error code 5
258748 How to set a limit on the number of SMTP messages in queues
267906 How to set up OWA for UPN logon names
272198 How to use the GAL Modify tool
277844 Exchange 2000 Release Notes, Part I
278427 An Inbox rule may cause the mailbox to expand even if a send limit has been assigned
278523 XADM : D�faillances et vuln�rabilit� de la s�curit� du programme d'installation d'Exchange 2000
281450 XADM: Cannot Install Exchange 2000 on a Cluster Without a Physical Disk Resource
281583 How accounts and mailboxes are created and mapped when you use the Migration Wizard to migrate from Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange 2000 Server or to Exchange Server 2003
281744 XFOR: X.400 Connection to ISOCOR MTA Is Closed with No Messages Sent--Event ID 668
281745 Subject with extended characters sent by OWA may not be readable by Eudora clients
283027 XADM: Unable to Upgrade Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange 2000 When the "forestprep" Switch Is Used to Create New Organization
283089 Error message when you try to remove Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange 2000 Server: "0x80072030 (8240): There is no such object on the server"
283632 XADM: CDO May Not Able to Retrieve Certain MAPI Properties
284233 XFOR: Migration Wizard Does Not Extract Calendar Data from Lotus Notes Server
284244 XADM: Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2000 Setup fails with error 0xC0070035
285667 XADM: Understanding Virus Scanning API 2.0 in Exchange 2000 Server SP1
285855 XCON: Route Messages to Users on Different SMTP Hosts
286296 Unable to access the Default Global Address Lists container in Exchange System Manager
286693 XADM: Exssrv.exe Does Not Work with ISTREAM Error 80030005 During Free and Busy Replication
286702 Exchange Server databases on cluster fail to mount after failing over with Error c1041724 in Exchange 2000 Server
287646 How to publish an Exchange 2000 Server computer or an Exchange Server 2003 computer by using Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000
287726 How to configure host header and authentication information in Exchange 2000 Server or Exchange Server 2003 Outlook Web Access on a Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000 server cluster
288123 HTTP Error 404 "Page cannot be displayed" when you attempt to connect to the OWA server after you upgrade from Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange 2000 Server
288212 XADM: Exchange and Network-Attached Storage Devices
288381 XCCC: Davex "404 Resource Not Found" Error Message with Two or More Virtual Domains
288558 You receive a "Device not ready" error message when you try to restore a database to a different file path in Exchange 2000 Server
288687 XADM: Digital All-in-1 Source Extractor File Has an Extra Leading Dot in Many Lines
288894 How to disable MAPI client access to a computer that is running Exchange Server
289492 You receive the "The operation failed. ID no: 80004005" error message when you try to expand public folders in Exchange 2000 Server System Manager
289833 How to receive messages for two SMTP domains using Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange 2000 Server
292509 How to configure an account to use the ExMerge utility in Exchange 2000 Server and in Exchange Server 2003
293124 XADM: Information Store Service (Store.exe) Unexpectedly Stops Responding (Crashes)
293227 Notes R5 multiple structure may cause event errors
295307 How to Enable and Increase Logging for Microsoft Exchange Connectivity Controller Connectors