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Articles for product: Microsoft Word 2002 Standard Edition

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177512 How to select a compatible printer driver for your printer How to select a compatible printer driver for your printer when you use Office 97, Office 2000, or Office XP
186898 How To Read Compound Document Properties Directly with VC++
223396 How to minimize metadata in Office documents
236872 You receive an "I/O Error" or the subfolders are displayed as question marks or squares in Office programs
278579 OFFXP: "Remove Personal Information" Option Does Not Apply to Inserted Objects
280540 OFFXP: No Apparent Keyboard Command to Close the Task Pane
280546 OFFXP: User Name and Company Name in Splash Screen Different from Names in "About" Dialog Box
280570 OFFXP: Unable to Sign Out of Microsoft Passport When Office Is Running in Reduced Functionality Mode
280591 OFFXP: Unable to Move Menu Commands Below the List of Most Recently Used Files
280602 OFFXP: Error Message When You Save to My Web Sites on MSN
280608 OFFXP: Unable to Copy Same Selection of Drawing Objects to the Clipboard As Separate Selection
280680 Cannot follow hyperlink to Office document
282137 Remote DDE link in an embedded workbook does not update values properly
282144 OFFXP: Custom Graph Types in Graph Are Not Shared
282155 XL2002: Unable to Insert Workbook If Open in More Than One Window
283633 HOW TO: Display or Hide the Ask a Question Box in Microsoft Office
285517 You receive an error message when you try to save a presentation, workbook, or document in Office programs
286394 OFFXP: "Remove Personal Information from This File on Save" May Not Work with Macros
287698 OFFXP: How to Create a Microsoft Office Smart Tag List
289006 You may receive an error message or the Publisher icon becomes generic or no longer appears in the Start menu when you start an Office program
290112 Changes in encryption file properties in Office 2003 and Office 2002
290155 OFFXP: HTML File Opens in the Last Office Program in Which It Was Edited
290157 OFFXP: Invalid Page Fault When You Run an Office Program
290232 How to manage the Office XP templates in Office programs
290298 OFFXP: How to Publish a Web Document to an FTP Site
290373 OFFXP: No Message When Office Clipboard Is Full
290540 Products that qualify for the Microsoft Office XP upgrade
290740 OFFXP: Windows Installer Runs When Starting an Office XP Program
291048 OFFXP: Language Bar Is Minimized or Closed If You Minimize or Close an Office Program
291912 You receive a virus warning message when you click hyperlink to a program in Office 2002 or Office 2000
292070 OFFXP: HTML File Saved as FrontPage Web Appears in Broken Hyperlinks Report
293184 HOW TO: Determine the Order in Which Shapes Are Added to Diagrams in Office Programs
293368 OFFXP: Blue Color Used Twice If Venn Diagram Uses Primary Colors Style
293615 Organization charts from Office 2000 programs appear different in Office XP programs
294109 Shapes in resized embedded Visio object are not visible in Visio 2002
295342 OFFXP: New Dialog Box Does Not Appear When You Click New on File Menu
297891 You experience performance and memory problems when you switch between a Web browser and the Office XP programs
298017 You receive a "Cannot delete <file name>" error message when you try to delete a file in the Open dialog box or in the Save As dialog box in Office
298019 OFFXP: Error Message: No Program Is Registered to Open This File
298035 You receive a "The Office Assistant could not be started" error message when you start an Office XP programs
301403 OFFXP: How to Access Smart Tag Menus from the Keyboard
301459 The Insert Picture dialog box in Office XP programs always opens in Thumbnails view
302598 OFFXP: Dictation Mode Does Not Start When You Start Speech Recognition
302841 ACC2002: Hyperlink Text Changes to Question Marks When You Paste the Text into Other Office Programs
304359 "The drive or network connection that the shortcut 'Insert Visio Button.DOT.LNK' refers to is unavailable" error message when you start Word or Excel after you upgrade to Visio 2002
304648 OFFXP: An Arabic Presentation Forms Character Changes to a Question Mark in an Enhanced Metafile
306986 You receive an "An Internal Error has occurred” or a “Setup cannot create the folder” when you install Office XP
307949 HOW TO: Configure a System Policy to Control the Recently Used File List in an Office XP Program
312412 Send to Mail Recipient command appears dimmed
312976 HOW TO: Prevent Users from Sending Clip Organizer Files as E-mail Attachments in Office XP