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Shapes in resized embedded Visio object are not visible in Visio 2002

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When you shrink an embedded Microsoft Visio drawing, the Visio drawing page also shrinks until any shapes that you placed on the page appear to be partially or completely off the Visio drawing page.

This behavior occurs in Microsoft Word 2000 and Microsoft Word 2002, and in Microsoft Excel 2000 and Microsoft Excel 2002.

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When you resize the border of the embedded object, the active Visio page is also resized, either stretching or shrinking in the direction of the resize operation. If the active Visio page becomes small enough, some objects may appear to be off the page entirely because they maintain their position relative to one corner of the page.

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To work around this behavior, use either of the following methods:
  • Resize the embedded object until the active Visio page is large enough to accommodate the shapes that you want to include.
  • Rearrange the shapes until they fit on the resized Visio page.

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More information

Visio maintains the positions of the shapes on the page relative to the opposite coordinate of the page. For example, when you use the lower right size handle to resize the embedded object, shapes maintain their positions relative to the upper left.

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