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OFFXP: How to Access Smart Tag Menus from the Keyboard

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This article describes how you can use your computer keyboard to access smart tag menus, instead of using your mouse.

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In order to provide access to smart tag functionality for those who cannot use a mouse, you can access any smart tag menu by using the following keystroke combination:
This keystroke combination displays the menu for the visible smart tag. You cannot display the menu of any smart tag that is not currently displayed on the screen.

When multiple smart tags are visible, you must cycle through the visible smart tags by repeatedly using the keystroke combination ALT+SHIFT+F10, until the menu for the smart tag that you want is displayed. The cycle starts with the most recently displayed tag and goes backward. When you reach the the earliest smart tag and again press ALT+SHIFT+F10, the most recently displayed smart tag menu is displayed again. Repeated use of the keyboard shortcut will cycle through all visible smart tags continuously.

NOTE: Because of the way the keystroke shortcut cycles through all visible smart tags, you cannot display the same menu repeatedly without cycling through all visible smart tags each time you want to display the same menu.

After you display the menu of the smart tag that you want, you can use the DOWN ARROW and UP ARROW keys to navigate in the menu, and the ENTER key to run the selected menu item. To dismiss the menu without selecting a menu item, press ESC.

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For more information about keyboard shortcuts for smart tags in Excel, click Microsoft Excel Help on the Help menu, type keyboard shortcuts in the Office Assistant or the Answer Wizard, and then click Search to view the topic.

The topic is "Access and use smart tags".

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