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Articles for product: App-V 5.0 for Windows Desktops

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2768945 How to remove a cached copy of an unpublished package in Microsoft App-V v5
2768954 A Microsoft Application Virtualization MSI run from a mapped drive fails to install the virtual package
2774436 Known issues when using App-V v5 Package Converter
2777003 An App-V v5 virtualized application fails to start with error 0xc0000142
2777777 Important changes in the App-V v5 Sequencer
2778019 Adding a large application package via the Management Server console on App-V v5 fails with "Timeout expired"
2778168 How to troubleshoot publishing server refresh failures in App-V v5
2778283 PowerShell cmdlets are not available after installing an App-V v5 component
2778945 Importing a deployment configuration file on App-V v5 fails with "The configuration file does not contain well formed AppV configuration XML"
2778957 Virtual applications deployed by .MSI on App-V v5 are not uninstalled correctly when using PowerShell
2780177 How to adjust the App-V v5 Publishing Server Refresh schedule
2780304 Adding a package version in Microsoft Application Virtualization returns error 0x8007012F
2780309 How to provide fault tolerance and load balancing in Microsoft App-V v5
2780313 Domain Trust requirements for deploying App-V v5 across multiple domains using the Full Infrastructure model
2780807 Five common App-V v5 implementation scenarios
2780808 Publishing Servers get automatically removed from App-V v5 clients
2780809 How to use PowerShell to find packages in App-V v5 client connection groups
2780810 Supported Configuration Manager and Microsoft Application Virtualization scenarios
2783096 Launching a virtual application fails with error code 0x3E500D05-00090001
2783104 Launching a virtual application fails with error code 0x4C40660C-80070005
2783120 Launching a virtual application fails with error code 0x41E04304-00000028
2797968 Error granting access to an App-V package: Invalid input was passed
2800730 HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error when launching the App-V Management Console
2804622 Description of Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.0 Service Pack 1
2828619 Known issues when you create or use an App-V 5.0 Office 2010 package
2843030 Packaging error when using App-V 5.0 to sequence applications with RELS files
2900929 Adobe Reader X and Adobe Reader XI can be virtualized and deployed by using App-V 5.0
2915745 How to deploy and manage Office 2013 on App-V 5.0
2970274 How to collect information about App-V issues when you contact Microsoft support
2987845 Mouse may become unresponsive after you launch an App-V application
3037955 How to enable debug logging for Application Virtualization 5.0
4230296 “You’ll need a new app to open this osf-roaming.16” message when starting Outlook 2016