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Articles for product: Internet Explorer 7

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258425 Unable to specify HTTP version by using HttpOpenRequest()
260519 How To Raise a "File Download" Dialog Box for a Known MIME Type
275033 Cookies Are Not Saved If the Host Name Is Invalid
286251 Cannot Set Proxy Policy Settings to "Not Configured" After They Have Been Enabled
320731 The Internet Explorer progress bar continues to increase when an attached behavior is dynamically inserted in a page
324836 You receive an "Unable to access the Microsoft Project Portfolio Analyzer OLAP Cube" error message when you try to create or view a Portfolio Analyzer View
843289 Proxy server settings are not set correctly in Internet Explorer after you download a proxy script that uses chunk encoding
889333 Internet Explorer calculates print job page counts incorrectly.
895954 When you use Microsoft Internet Explorer or another program to perform a re-POST operation, only the header data is posted
909363 FIX: Internet Explorer crashes when you try to open a new Internet Explorer window after you close a previous Internet Explorer window that displayed one or more XSL transformations
913844 How to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview from a computer that is running Windows XP with Service Pack 2
917925 How to solve Internet Explorer 7 installation problems
918238 How to create custom .adm or .admx files to add search providers to the toolbar search box in Internet Explorer 7
918239 How to write custom .adm and .admx administrative template files to provide an elevation policy for protected mode in Internet Explorer 7.0
920082 Problems that may occur if you are using a beta version of Windows Internet Explorer 7
922880 FIX: The various dialog boxes that are displayed when you use Yahoo! Toolbar do not work correctly together with Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3
924568 Description of updates that you can install when you install Windows Internet Explorer 7
925014 You receive a security warning in Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 6 when you visit a Web page that is hosted on a secure Web site
926133 An ActiveX control in an iframe object redraws when you click an HTML element that is located outside the iframe object in Internet Explorer 6 or in Windows Internet Explorer 7
926188 Uploading files is faster in Windows Internet Explorer 7
926372 You may receive an error message in Windows Internet Explorer 7 when you try to open a search item from the search list in Musicmatch Jukebox: �Permission denied�
926717 The Reset Internet Explorer Settings (RIES) feature does not reset some settings in Internet Explorer 7
927009 A new window opens when you try to view a 2007 Microsoft Office program document in Windows Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8
927377 Information about the Windowed SELECT control and about the Windowless SELECT control in Internet Explorer 7
928090 MS07-016: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer
928849 There are no options under Settings on the Advanced tab of the "Internet Options" dialog box in Windows Internet Explorer 7
930148 How to manage the Internet Explorer 7 Phishing Filter in your enterprise
930150 Information about the Windows Internet Explorer 7 Phishing Filter
930167 How to report a phishing Web site
930168 How to turn the Internet Explorer Phishing Filter or the SmartScreen Filter on or off
930268 You cannot visit a Web site if you pass the address through an ActiveX control that accepts extended characters as parameters in Internet Explorer 7
931278 Internet Explorer 7 may stop responding when you try to resize a frame
931295 How to report that a Web site has been incorrectly labeled as a "phishing" site or a "suspicious" site by the Internet Explorer 7 Phishing Filter
931324 FIX: Error message when you try to run a Web application that uses the "window.external" property in Internet Explorer 7: "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close"
931986 How to use SoftGrid Sequencer together with Windows Internet Explorer and together with other related programs
932540 Internet Explorer 7 closes immediately when you start Internet Explorer 7
932930 Internet Explorer 7 may exit unexpectedly when multiple tabs are open, and you close a tab that contains a non-HTML file
933182 FIX: The content of a Web page does not appear to update as expected when you use the "" method in Internet Explorer 7 or in Internet Explorer 6
933264 FIX: The CPU usage on the computer may increase to 100 percent when you try to print an HTML page in Windows Internet Explorer 7
934365 Error message when you call the method from a Web page to open an active document in Internet Explorer: "permission denied"
934366 Error message when you try to open an ActiveX control-based MIME handler in Windows Internet Explorer 7: "Invalid character"
934367 How to determine when a browser window is closing in Internet Explorer 7
934368 The HTML events may not work correctly when a managed application tries to interact with an HTML document by using the MSHTML primary interop assembly component in Internet Explorer
935544 FIX: Windows Internet Explorer 7 may crash when you use it to visit a Web site
935575 FIX: When you try to use Windows Internet Explorer 7 to display a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file on a local computer, Internet Explorer 7 cannot display the SVG file
935579 FIX: When you access an external document by using a link in an inline frame in Internet Explorer 7, the value of the document object is returned as "undefined"
935729 You cannot open a Web page by using Windows Internet Explorer 7 if the URL of the Web page contains non-ASCII characters
935776 FIX: The InternetQueryOptionW function returns a value of true when you use the INTERNET_OPTION_URL option flag as the second parameter in Internet Explorer 7
935777 FIX: The buffer size of the InternetQueryOptionW function is half of its actual size if you use INTERNET_OPTION_URL as the second parameter in Internet Explorer 7
935779 FIX: An Internet shortcut does not display the correct icon in Internet Explorer 7