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Articles for product: Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0

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159402 How to use Response Redirect in a server script
164479 PRB: Windows 95 Hangs When You Use ADO with Active Server Pages
165156 How To Determine Parameter Requirements for a Stored Procedure in ASP
165671 HOWTO: Use ASP/ADO to Query an ODBC Datasource (SELECT)
166279 How To Lifetime of a COM Component Under IIS, ASP, and RDS
174640 PRB: ASP Error "The Query Is Not Updateable" When You Update Table Record
175426 How To Populate a Combobox from Active Server Pages
175671 PRB: 80004005 ConnectionOpen (CreateFile()) Error Accessing SQL
183329 How To Populate an ActiveX TreeView Control Using ASP
188713 How To Change Information in a Database from ASP
189408 FIX: ASP Fails to Access Network Files Under IIS 4.0 and IIS 5.0
192227 INFO: ADO 2.0 Command Object ConnectionString Property Changes
193026 FIX: NOT_ENOUGH_STORAGE Errors in IIS Log File
194005 HOWTO: Use ADO to Return a Summary Row
194699 Extended Log File Format Always in GMT
199841 How To Display ASP Results Using Excel in IE with MIME Types
203573 PRB: ASP/ADO Coding Error Produces ASP 0115 Error
205518 FP2000: Cannot Create Web Using .com, .dll, or .exe Extension
207523 Error occurs during SSL connection
224424 How To Implement Visual Basic COM Objects Returning Recordsets
225234 You are prompted for a password when you open an Office 2000 document in a browser
232627 How to "Rollback" to FrontPage 98 Server Extensions from FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions
232831 INFO: Use the Merant 3.5 ODBC Driver to Work in Production Environments with IIS and MTS
237536 PRB: 80004005 Unspecified Error When Passing Disconnected Recordset from MTS to ASP
239539 Change the certificate validity period from the default of one year
240225 Description of Adsutil and MetaEdit Utilities Used to Modify the Metabase
240736 How to Restrict Browse Access to a Folder
240832 XFOR: SMTP Mail Relay May Stop Working When Using IIS/MCIS SMTP Service and Non-RFC EHLO/HELO Command Format
244535 HOW TO: Move a FrontPage Extended Web Site to a Different Location
249340 FP2000: Error Message: The Configuration Wizard Was Not Able to Find the Path Directory and Cannot Proceed
253449 Oracle Query or Stored Procedure from ASP and ADO Causes IIS to Stop Responding
255770 PRB: Logon Failure: Unknown User Name or Bad Password When You Run Out-of-Process Webs
264691 Create a connection string for an Access 97 database or an Access 2000 database by using a Universal Data Link Wizard
272069 HOW TO: Use ASP to Generate DHTML-Enabled Tables in Front Page 2000
273573 IISADMPWD Password Change Pages Fail to Change Passwords When Using NTLM Authentication
274569 FIX: MTS or IIS with ODBC Connection Pooling May Hang If Database Becomes Unavailable
278454 PRB: Error 80070005 "Unexpected Error" When You Use Remote Data Service
279214 Exchange Server cannot communicate with Internet Information Server over Secure Sockets Layer
280812 DOC: AppOopRecoverLimit Range Wrong in IISHelp
286128 FP2000: Windows Integrated Authentication (NTLM) Doesn't Work, Basic Does
295734 XCON: Non-Delivery Report Is Generated When SMTP Messages Are Relayed to a Lotus Domino Server
297269 XCON: Error Message Occurs When You Send Moderated Newsgroup Message to an SMTP Address
297989 PRB: Configured Identity Is Incorrect for IWAM Account
299973 Using Microsoft Jet with IIS
300477 FP2000: MS01-035: Potential Buffer Overrun Vulnerability in Visual Studio RAD (Remote Application Deployment)
301898 Access/Display Mappings Cause Incorrect URLs When HTTP Is Mapped to HTTPS and Users View Search Results from an SSL Connection
302424 "HTTP Error 500-12 Application" error message or Active Server Pages stop responding (hang) when you add a Global.asa to your Web site in FrontPage
306345 PRB: ASP Error 80004005 "Data Source Name Not Found"
309394 How to use URLScan with FrontPage 2000
310755 The _Vti_Pvt Folder Contains Unwanted Files and Is Much Larger Than Expected