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How To Implement Visual Basic COM Objects Returning Recordsets

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This article describes, by example, how to implement a Visual Basic Component Object Model (COM) Object that returns a recordset to Active Server Pages (ASP).

Implementing this incorrectly can result in memory leaks or one of the following errors:
The operation requested by the application is not allowed if the object is closed.
Type Mismatch
error 'ASP 0115' - A trappable error occured in an external object

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More information

Use the following steps to implement a method that returns a recordset from a Visual Basic COM Object to Active Server Pages:
  1. Create a Visual Basic ActiveX DLL project called PassRsPrj.
  2. Add a class module and change its name to PassRsObj.
  3. Implement the following method:

    Note You must change the UID and the PWD values to the ones that are used on your system.
    Public Function TestRs() as ADODB.Recordset
           Dim rsObj As ADODB.Recordset
           Dim cnObj As ADODB.Connection    
           set rsObj = New ADODB.Recordset         
           set cnObj = New ADODB.Connection
           'Open connection to database
           cnObj.Open("DSN=pubs;uid=<username>;pwd=<strong password>")
           'To use disconnected Recordset you must use client side cursors
           rsObj.CursorLocation = adUseClient
           rsObj.Open "select * from authors", cnObj, adOpenKeyset, _
              adLockOptimistic, adCmdText
           'Disconnected recordset
           Set rsObj.ActiveConnection = Nothing
           'Set return value
           Set Testrs = rsObj
           'Clean up resources
           Set cnObj = Nothing
       End Function
  4. Create an ASP page with the following code:
       Dim rsTest, oTestPassRs
       Set oTestPassRs = Server.CreateObject("PassRsPrj.PassRsObj")
       Set rsTest = oTestPassRs.TestRs()
          Response.Write ( "Value in Record = " & rsTest(1) & "<BR>" )
       Loop until rsTest.EOF
       Set rsTest = Nothing
       Set oTestPassRs = Nothing

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For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
244012 INFO: Type Mismatch Errors When You Pass Parameters from ASP to a Visual Basic Component

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