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Articles for product: Microsoft Office Excel 2007

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81518 Using a custom number format to display leading zeros
111360 AutoFill feature overwrites data within AutoFilter range
120596 Text files that are larger than 65,536 rows cannot be imported to Excel 97, Excel 2000, Excel 2002 and Excel 2003
123183 How to export data to a text file with comma and quote delimiter in Excel
162059 How to configure Internet Explorer to open Office documents in the appropriate Office program instead of in Internet Explorer
169033 Only first worksheet prints duplexed
170787 Description of limitations of custom functions in Excel
182197 The General number format rounds off real numbers in Excel
184663 How to embed and automate a Microsoft Excel worksheet with MFC
187919 BIFF8 BOUNDSHEET record data for uncompressed Unicode in Excel
190985 How to get IDispatch of an Excel or Word document from an OCX
192348 How to automate Excel and then know the user closed it
199503 AutoFill is limited to 255 characters in Excel
199505 Macro performance slow when page breaks are visible in Excel
199691 How to automate using Visual C++ to save Excel worksheet as HTML file
201487 Patterns do not display in a Web browser in Excel
202261 You cannot use a pound character in a file name for a hyperlink in an Office program
205548 How to use A functions in Excel
207574 Files do not open in Excel or "File Not Found" occurs when open by double-click
209121 Excel HTML file always displayed at 100 percent zoom
210320 Web page saved in Excel displays differently in Web browser
210684 Copying worksheet programmatically causes run-time error 1004 in Excel
211470 Calculated field returns incorrect grand total in Excel
211557 Additional columns or rows that are not selected may be added to the print titles when you create print titles on a worksheet in Excel
211612 AutoCorrect in Excel stops working if you have 225 or more characters in the cell or text box
211809 Some of the properties of worksheets are not preserved in Excel
211816 Comments may not be printed as expected
211830 Time values that are created by the fill feature may be incorrect in Excel
211951 Overview of the built-in chart types in Excel
211967 Chart trendline formula is inaccurate in Excel
212366 Rotated text in an Excel worksheet is displayed horizontally when you view the text in a browser
212746 Cell fill color bleeds into adjacent cells in Excel when the file is viewed in Web browser
213181 Run-time error using FormulaArray property
213203 XL2000: Run-Time Error Message Occurs When Using SpecialCells Method with Protection
213243 Odd refresh behavior after you specify a conditional format in Excel
213477 VBA macro to concatenate columns of data in Excel
213489 Add-ins do not load when using the CreateObject command in Excel
213495 How to use a formula in Excel to calculate the average of a data sample without the highest and lowest values
213598 You cannot use the PrintOut method when the custom dialog box is visible
213630 How to use the IF THEN ELSE statement and the SELECT CASE statement in examples written in Visual Basic for Excel
213638 How to create a macro that counts comments
213650 Error opening file that refers to shortcut
213750 How to use a macro to add labels to data points in an xy scatter chart or in a bubble chart in Excel
213773 How to create data validation circles for printing in Excel
213800 In Office programs, you receive a "Specified COMMAND search directory had too many parameters" error message when you try to use an MS-DOS core command from the Shell function
213801 Sample Visual Basic code to create a color index table in Excel
213810 How to determine how many pages will be printed in Excel
213823 Macro that changes cell dimensions on multiple sheets does not run as expected
213826 XL2000: Visual Basic Macro to List Circular References
213983 Error message when you open or save a file in Microsoft Excel: "Filename is not valid"