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Articles for product: BizTalk Server 2013 R2 Enterprise

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3158684 FIX: "Exception code: 0xe0434352" error when you apply a cumulative update to a BizTalk server
3162562 FIX: SAPBinding constructor fails with NullReferenceException
3162564 FIX: WCF-SAP NCO Adapter fails when transport properties have spaces
3163970 FIX: "Package does not contain compatible branch patch" error when you install a cumulative update to a BizTalk server
3164725 FIX: IDOCs sent with BizTalk WCF-SAP NCO adapter are misaligned in SAP
3164730 FIX: NullReferenceException is thrown when you change ConnectorType on WCF-SAP send port in BizTalk Server
3165515 FIX: BizTalk HTTP send host crashes FireTransmitComplete during time-outs
3167704 FIX: Redeployment of schema referenced by maps fails after you install BizTalk Server
3167705 Cumulative Update 4 for BizTalk Server 2013 R2
3189028 FIX: IDOCs sent with BizTalk WCF-SAP NCO adapter trigger a Syntax or Missing Segment error in SAP
3194293 Orphaned BizTalk DTA service instances are not removed by the "DTA Purge and Archive" job in BizTalk Server
3197184 WCF-SAP Nco Connector creates additional white spaces in BizTalk Server
3201943 Cumulative Update package 5 for BizTalk Server 2013 R2
3202533 FIX: MQSAgent2 delays or stops polling messages between Biztalk MQSeries adapter and MQ server
3202534 FIX: The host instance stops when the HTTP send port times out in BizTalk Server
3202535 FIX: The MIME/SMIME decoder in the POP3 adapter selects an incorrect MIME message part in BizTalk Server 2013 or 2016
3202537 FIX: "Error occurred while browsing the LOB system" when you expand IDOC schema with new NCo connector type in BizTalk Server
3202703 FIX: NCO adapter changes the date and time format of DATS data type fields in BizTalk Server
3202705 FIX: MLLP Send Port does not Suspend on Timeout after you install Cumulative Update 1 for BizTalk Server 2013 R2
3202740 FIX: MQSeries adapter handles only one receive location at a time when ordered delivery is set in BizTalk Server
3202751 FIX: "Unable to create the entry in the AS2 EDIINT MIC table" error when message tracking is enabled in BizTalk Server
3202894 FIX: You cannot change the Tracking QueryTimeout value when you use BizTalk Server 2013 or 2016
3202911 Fix: "Windows SharePoint Services raised an error message" warning if you don’t set the Archive Location URL in BizTalk
3203655 FIX: Intermittent "no subscribers found" error when you process many messages through a two-way send port in BizTalk Server
3203865 FIX: BizTalk Data Provider for SAP does not have the ConnectorType property
4010116 FIX: "Unable to allocate client in pool" error in NCo in BizTalk Server
4010117 FIX: "TimeStamp retrieval failed" error in BizTalk Server when an FTP server responds using milliseconds
4011935 FIX: MQSeries receive location fails to recover after MQ server restarts
4012183 FIX: Error while retrieving metadata for IDOC/RFC/tRFC/BAPI operations when SAP system uses non-Unicode encoding and the connection type is NCo in BizTalk Server
4013857 FIX: The WCF-SAP adapter crashes after you change the ConnectorType property to NCo in BizTalk Server
4020010 FIX: Dynamic MLLP One-Way Send fails if you enable the "Solicit Response Enabled" property in BizTalk Server
4020011 FIX: WCF-WebHTTP Two-Way Send Response responds with an empty message and causes the JSON decoder to fail in BizTalk Server
4020012 FIX: MIME/SMIME decoder in the MIME decoder pipeline component selects an incorrect MIME message part in BizTalk Server
4020013 FIX: iDOC received in SAP is missing the segment hierarchy and contains error message when it is sent through NCo from BizTalk Server
4020014 FIX: SAP adapter in NCo mode does not trim trailing non-printable characters in BizTalk Server
4020015 FIX: File receive locations with alternate credentials get stuck in a tight loop after network failure
4020017 FIX: WCF-SQL adapter fails intermittently if AmbientTransaction is True or if ReceiveTimeout is not more than polling time plus time to query data from SQL Server
4020018 FIX: BOM isn't removed by MIME encoder when Content-Transfer-Encoding is 8-bit in BizTalk Server
4020020 Cumulative Update package 6 for BizTalk Server 2013 R2
4038886 FIX: EDI message processing from XML to flat file fails when it contains an empty node in a sub-loop in BizTalk Server
4038889 FIX: Deployment of two-way receive port "Specify now" port binding fails after you install Cumulative Update 6 for BizTalk Server 2013 R2
4038891 Cumulative Update package 7 for BizTalk Server 2013 R2
4038892 FIX: System.NullReferenceException error in WCF-SAP adapter when it receives an incoming tRFC in BizTalk Server
4038896 FIX: NullReferenceException error when you receive IDOC through NCo SAP adapter in BizTalk Server
4045575 FIX: MQSeries adapter can't receive messages larger than fragment size and causes high CPU and network traffic in BizTalk Server
4046183 FIX: "TDDS failed to read from source database" error if you use Turkish collation on a SQL Server 2012 database in BizTalk Server
4052527 Cumulative Update package 8 for BizTalk Server 2013 R2
4052528 FIX: HTTP Send ports may stall after network disruption
4054240 BizTalk Server Adapter for MQSeries writes thousands of event log entries when no MQSeries queue exists
4091110 Support for TLS 1.2 protocol in BizTalk Server