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Articles for product: Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 Service Pack 1

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264008 You receive a �0xC007054B� error message when you run the Exchange 2000 Server or Exchange Server 2003 Setup program
295921 XADM: Disaster Recovery Does Not Correctly Setup Full-Text Indexing
300996 XIMS: SMTP Connector Ignores Setting to "Never" Use Exchange Rich Text Format When the Recipient Address Is Encapsulated
302790 XCON: The "Share Address Space with Other X.400 Systems" Option Does Not Work with a Routing Group Connector
302925 XADM: Exchange 2000 Server SP1 User Mailbox Store Notification Does Not Work
302931 XADM: New HTTP Virtual Server Is Not Created with the Same Default Values as the First Exchange Virtual Server
303126 PRB: Applications That Use the WSSForms Renderer May Not Render Correctly
303451 XADM: Exchange 2000 Server Post-SP1 Information Store Fixes
304131 XADM: Delegate Unable to Send a Message or Gain Access to Manager's Mailbox with Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 1
304233 XADM: High CPU Use by Store.exe on Exchange 2000 Server SP1 Computer
304338 XADM: Outlook Client Offline Folder File Synchronization Is Not Successful If There Is a Large Number of Items in the the Exchange Public Folder
305684 XWEB: If You Use OWA to Post an Item with an Attachment to a Public Folder, the Item Is Deleted After 24 Hours
306882 XWEB: Exchange 2000 Server Post-Service Pack 1 Web Client Fixes Available
306989 How To Register an Exchange Web Form Globally in the Exchange Store
309147 XADM: Exchange 2000 Server Post-Service Pack 1 Administrator Fixes Available
309179 XADM: Event ID 2048 Appears for No Apparent Reason
309469 INFO: Workflow Behavior When Folders Are Replicated
309508 IIS lockdown and URLscan configurations in an Exchange environment
309699 How To Retrieve Exception Information of a Recurring Appointment using WebDAV
310202 How to delete mail items by using an ADO recordset in Visual C#
310203 How to list all fields of an object by using Collaboration Data Objects for Exchange 2000 Server Library in Visual C#
310204 How to modify a message by using Collaboration Data Objects for Exchange 2000 and an ActiveX Data Objects record in Visual C#
310206 How to retrieve messages by using CDOEX and ADO in Visual C#
310207 How to use ADO and the Exchange 2000 OLE DB provider to search for items in a folder by using Visual C#
310866 How to set Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2000 Server mailbox rights on a mailbox that exists in the information store
311456 List of bugs fixed by Exchange 2000 Server service packs
312420 XADM: Unable to Receive External Mail
312483 Event ID 6001 messages are logged when you use Exchange 2000 Calendar Connector
314363 How to create a contact by using an Item object in Visual Basic .NET
315081 XADM: NDRs Occur If "(040)" and "(041)" Are in Domain-Defined Attribute Addresses; Fix Requires Exchange 2000 SP2
315631 HOW TO: Forward Mail with Unresolved Recipients to a Single Mailbox
315769 XCCC: OWA and DAV Client Calls Do Not Clear a Message Body from the Cache
316035 Lotus Notes Client versions that are tested with the Exchange Notes Connector
316204 XCON: Messages Back Up in Queue When the Virtual Server Is Set to Forward All Messages with Unresolved Recipients
316708 You Cannot Fail Over System Attendant After You Install Exchange 2000 Service Pack 1
316952 XADM: Security Descriptors That You Retrieve from Exchange 2000 by Using ActiveX Data Objects and the Exchange 2000 OLEDB Provider May Be Empty
317014 XADM: Exchange 2000 Server Eseutil Command Line Switches
317700 How to change the location of the message tracking logs in Exchange 2000 Server
318379 XADM: The Exchange 2000 Migration Wizard Does Not Work When You Migrate Exchange Server 5.5 users, and an Event ID 7017 or 7048 Error Message Is Logged
318549 XADM: Migrated Exchange Server 5.5 Mailboxes Generate Event ID 9551 Warning Messages for the ACL
318895 Description of how to obtain Microsoft Workflow Designer for Exchange
319785 New E0Xtmp.log behavior after you apply Exchange 2000 SP2
322248 XCCC: If You Use Outlook Web Access to Change the
322332 XCCC: Video Attachments That You Create with the Exchange Multimedia Control May be Blank When Viewed
323195 XCON: A Description of the Multipart/Alternative Internet Message Format
323333 XADM: "The Server Is Not Operational" Error Message Occurs When You Move A Mailbox
323489 A description of Base64 MIME content transfer encoding
326079 White paper - Migrating mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.5 to Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server
326371 Migration Wizard stops responding when you import a specific message from an exported Lotus Notes mailbox
328242 You receive an error message when you try to change passwords if OWA is not installed in the default Web site in Exchange 2000 Server and in Exchange Server 2003