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Articles for product: BizTalk Server 2000 Standard Edition

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275793 Cannot Use Keyboard to Select Color in BizTalk Mapper
275847 Deadlock Issues Occur When You Update a Channel When a Server Is Under Stress
275849 How to help secure the BizTalk Server Messaging service
276518 An error message occurs in the Messaging Manager when you attempt to search existing objects
276812 BizTalk Server Setup Error If SQL Server Authentication Is Set to "Windows only"
276856 INFO: Non-XML Data Is Placed in CDATA Section of <StringData> Block in XML Document
276866 Error Message: The Server Rejected One or More Recipient Addresses. The Server Response was: 501 5.5.4 Invalid Address
276912 PRB: File Receive Function May Retrieve File Twice If Power Is Lost
277847 Catalog Error When You Shut Down XLANG Scheduler COM+ Application
277964 Error message when you execute a BizTalk 2000 Orchestration schedule: "0x80040154 : Class Not Registered"
277980 Error Message: This Document Has an Invalid Digital Signature. Open the Message for More Information.
278737 Document Fails Validation on Date Field after Being Mapped Using Database Value Extractor Functoid
279544 PRB: Error Office Web Components Are Not Installed When You Use Document Tracking Activity
281167 INFO: Timeout Values for Database Connections and Command Objects Used by BizTalk Server 2000
281461 CreateConnection Error Message Occurs in a High Stress Environment
281463 PRB: Messaging Manager: Error 0x8007000E: Ran Out Of Memory
281468 BUG: BizTalk Server Duplicates Data When You Use Custom Encoding Component
281470 FIX: BizTalk Server Appends Random Characters to Flat File Output
281473 Miscellaneous Errors in BizTalk Server 2000 SDK Samples
281942 PRB: Error Message: No BizTalk Server Repository Was Found on http://localhost/BizTalkServerRepository/DocSpecs
281947 How to Set Up a BizTalk Flat File Configuration
282268 PRB: Microsoft Word Required to View BizTalk Readme Files Correctly
283035 MSMQ Receive Function May Return PassThrough Error
283234 How to Programmatically Change the Subject for SMTP Transport
284161 FIX: Run-Time Error '429' Occurs When You Use the BTConfigAssistant Sample
284190 INFO: BizTalk Server 2000 Readme.htm Part 1 of 3
284196 INFO: BizTalk Server 2000 Readme.htm Part 3 of 3
287670 FIX: Cannot Select a Verisign SSL Client Authentication Certificate
288862 INFO: Definition and Use of the BizTalk Server Backup Transport
289824 PRB: BizTalk: Error 0x8009030D Encrypting and Sending Data to a Partner
291670 Slow Performance of Application Integration Components That Are Written in Visual Basic
293352 BUG: SQL Server Setup Causes Assertion Failures When BizTalk Server Is Installed on Cluster
295647 How to Create a Silent Installation for BizTalk Server
296216 PRB: XLANG Scheduler Causes Event ID 324 When MSMQ Is Not Installed on the Server
297548 FIX: SendLocalFile Properties Dialog Box Contains Inactive <Alt>+D Hotkey
297562 FIX: ????? ????? ???? ????? ????? ??????? ?????? ????? ?? ????? ????? ???? ????????
297571 FIX: Cannot Create, Move, or Manipulate Links and Functoids in BizTalk Mapper Without the Mouse
297578 FIX: BizTalk Service Fails if Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator Fails
297587 PRB: Cannot Use Keyboard to Access or Manipulate Flowchart Shapes in Orchestration Designer
297653 FIX: Cannot Change Subject When You Use SMTP Transport with Open Destination Messaging Port
297661 FIX: BizTalk Orchestration Designer Does Not Work After You Install Microsoft Visio 2002
298728 PRB: Documents Processed by BizTalk Server Appear Stuck in Work Items Queue
299464 How To Create a BizTalk Application Integration Component to Parse XML Data into SQL Server 2000
299769 PRB: Open Port to an SMTP Address Fails to Send Mail
302742 BUG: Errors Occur When You Open Multiple SKV Files in the Orchestration Designer
302766 BUG: Cannot Copy an Existing Field Element to a New Location in BizTalk Editor
302860 BUG: Cannot Create Multiple Selection Criteria with the Same Name for Document Definitions
303054 BUG: SDK Messaging Samples Do Not Compile without Errors
303312 FIX: BizTalk Mapper Creates a Blank Attribute in an Element of the Output Document
303532 FIX: Multiple Transaction Groups Submitted Directly to Channel Do Not Generate Receipts