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Articles for product: Exchange Server 2010 Standard

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10042 Troubleshoot public folder replication for Exchange Server
158530 Build numbers and release dates for Exchange Server
267568 An old password still works after you change it in Outlook Web Access
287625 How to use vCalendar in Outlook
298879 Exchange Server experiences performance issues when a PDC emulator is used for DSAccess or ADAcess
309185 Meetings on owner's calendar by a delegate don't display free/busy information for additional attendees in Outlook
318431 An event ID 1005 error message is logged, and Microsoft Exchange System Attendant does not respond
327178 Microsoft support policy for the customization of Outlook Web App for Exchange Server 2010
555978 exchangeV1 Public Folder may not replicate to a new Exchange 2007 Server
817220 XADM: Non-delivery reports to a distribution list or to a public folder in Exchange server are not supported
827330 How to troubleshoot client RPC over HTTP connection issues in Outlook 2003
895847 Multi-site data replication support for Exchange Server
905813 An error occurs when you try to synchronize the offline address list on an Exchange Server server while you are using Outlook 2003: "0x8004010F"
917687 The published Free/Busy information for a mailbox is displayed for the default period of two months after you have configured a longer period in Outlook
919092 Error message when Outlook 2003 users connect to an Exchange server by using RPC over HTTP: "Server Unavailable"
921193 The Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router does not create the e-mail messages in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM queue
925825 Event ID 9519 and error 0x80004005 when you try to mount a database in Exchange Server
927465 Error message when you try to synchronize a Windows Mobile-based device by using Exchange ActiveSync for Exchange 2003 or for Exchange 2007 or for Exchange 2010: "Synchronization failed"
929395 Unified Communications certificate partners
931747 A mailbox that is located on an Exchange Server 2007 server or on an Exchange Server 2010 server may be identified as a legacy mailbox
931903 You cannot install the Exchange Management Console or the Exchange System Manager on a Windows Vista-based computer
935848 How to allow Entourage for Mac to send large e-mail messages to an Exchange 2007 server
939765 Error "0x8004010F" occurs when Outlook synchronizes an offline address book
940259 You receive an email message that contains incorrect time information from Exchange
940726 Outlook 2007 security warning: "The name of the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site"
941146 Error message when an Exchange Server 2007 user or an Exchange Server 2010 user tries to log on to OWA
945602 Users who use Outlook 2003 cannot publish their free/busy data in Exchange Server 2010 or in Exchange Server 2007
945835 Exchange Server 2003 MAPI CDO 1.2.1 and CDO 1.2.1 have been updated
952583 Japanese DBCS characters are corrupted when you reply to a message or forward a message in an Exchange Server 2007 SP1, Exchange Server 2010, or Exchange Server 2010 SP1 environment
954199 Description of the policy for how e-mail is filtered by the junk e-mail filters in Outlook or in Exchange Server
954684 You cannot use an Outlook 2010 client or an Outlook 2007 client to display or download an attachment when you access a message that includes an inline attachment from Microsoft Exchange Server
958934 Outlook 2007 crashes or you cannot access OOF settings after you install a package that contains the .NET Framework 3.5 with SP1 and the .NET Framework 2.0 with SP2 on an Exchange 2007 Client Access server or on an Exchange 2010 Client Access server
969854 The body of a message is shown incorrectly as an attachment if you try to use an application in an Exchange Server environment to send a message that includes attachments
970996 You receive an error message that contains error code 3221685941 when you install Exchange Server 2010
972744 When a user sends e-mail messages to a remote domain, some e-mail messages are queued on an Exchange Server Hub Transport server or Edge server
973788 How to extend the Active Directory schema for the Hierarchical Address Book (HAB) on an Exchange Server 2010 server
973848 On a Windows Server 2008-based computer, Exchange Server 2010 installation cannot be successful at the organization preparation process
973994 Enable the Hierarchical Address Book feature in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
975104 Exchange 2010 setup process fails if you try to install Exchange Server 2010 into a domain that has an underscore character ( _ ) in the domain name
976591 Error message when a user who has the Recipient Management role tries to manage distribution groups in the Exchange Management Console: "A parameter could not be found that matches the parameter 'bypasssecuritygroupmanagercheck'"
977439 Exchange Server 2010 users cannot open certain attachments when they access their mailboxes by using Outlook Web App
977551 Meeting requests that are sent to a room mailbox are not processed in Exchange Server 2010
977552 Exchange RPC Client Access service crashes in the Handler.dll that is located on an Exchange 2010 Client Access service server
977553 Exchange RPC Client Access service crashes in Parser.dll on the Exchange Server 2010 CAS server
977554 The subject or body of a message that is hosted in an Exchange Server 2010 mailbox is not set as expected
977555 The message body is inaccessible when the property conversion from PR_BODY_HTML to PR_BODY fails
977556 The body text of an e-mail message is invisible after you create exceptions for a recurring appointment or for a recurring meeting by using a CDO application together with Exchange Server 2010
977557 An E_FAIL error occurs when you create an exception to a meeting request by using a CDO application for a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 mailbox
977558 A folder name is not changed when you try to move and then rename the folder in an Exchange Server 2010 mailbox by using the CopyFolder method of the IMAPIFolder interface
977559 The location of a meeting or an appointment is not updated on an Exchange Server 2010 mailbox