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Articles for product: Microsoft Office Access 2007

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812718 How to reset an AutoNumber field value in Access
812719 How to programmatically create a new column in an Access report
814858 Access may stop responding when you try to create an MDE or ACCDE file, or an ADE file
817411 Error message when you run a procedure in Access: "Ambiguous name detected"
823221 BeforeUpdate event may refer an incorrect record when the forms are based on the same recordset
823228 Field size is changed when you copy and paste a table in an Access project
823815 Truncated setup log file is created during the installation of Office
824159 Update query or delete query may not succeed in Access if the query reads data from a linked-text file
824173 Microsoft Access stops responding when you edit a record that is being edited by another user
824176 Error message when you programmatically add a new record to a table by using the NotInList event of the Combo Box on a form in Microsoft Access: "The Text You Entered Isn't an Item in the List"
824179 Incorrect ColumnOrder value when you delete a column from a table that is opened in datasheet view
824180 Compilation is not successful when you convert a macro to a module in Microsoft Access
824181 Access may stop responding when you preview a report
824182 Fields are not mapped correctly when you use the Import Text Wizard to import a comma-delimited text file
824183 The GotFocus event of the first control in the Detail section of the subform is fired when you set the focus to the subform
824255 How Access resolves Visual Basic for Applications references
824264 You cannot connect directly to FoxPro databases in Access 2007 and in Access 2003
824266 Error message when you try to open an Access project file or an Access project extension file in a multiuser environment: "The Database Will Be Opened Read-Only"
824271 Description of troubleshooting corruption in an Office Access 2003 database
824274 Determine who opened a Microsoft Office Access database in the exclusive mode
824277 Error message when you try to open a query that contains a function: "Undefined Function <FunctionName> in Expression"
824278 You must use an exclusive lock to save design changes to database objects in Access 2003
824279 Error message when you open a data access page in Internet Explorer: "Undefined function '{FunctionName}' in expression"
826758 You cannot update a form that is bound to an ADO Oracle recordset in an Access project in Microsoft Access
826761 Microsoft Calendar Control 10.0 and later versions use an incorrect value for the FirstDay property
826763 Error message when you use special characters in Access databases
826869 You receive an error message when you try to open a Binder 2000 file
828384 The types of files and add-ins that the security level settings can affect in Office 2003 and in Office 2007
828418 You cannot create a table in design view if you enable your keyboard to use a bidirectional language
829008 BUG: A message does not appear in right-to-left reading order when you use the MsgBox function with the VbMsgBoxRtlReading constant in Access
832765 Warning message appears when you visit the Office Update Web site: "Internet Explorer version 5.5 or later is required"
832889 The File Open dialog box does not automatically select the first available document in an Office program
833220 "Error in loading DLL" error message when you run a Microsoft Access wizard in Access
834008 You cannot send a document as an e-mail message from an Office 2003 or Office 2007 program
835404 An out-of-date antivirus program may cause errors when you try to open an Office document or to start Outlook
835414 Error message when you run a query in Access: "Cannot group on fields selected with '*'"
837147 Default values for the AllowZeroLength field properties and for the Indexed field properties that you create in Access 2002, in Access 2003, or in Access 2007 may differ from earlier versions of Access
837937 Error message when you try to save an edited record that is based on a multi-table view in Microsoft Access: "This record has been changed by another user since you started editing it"
838594 Error message when you try to upsize your Access database by using the Upsizing Wizard: "The Upsizing Wizard only works with Microsoft SQL Server (Versions 6.50 SP5 or higher). Please log in to a SQL Server data source."
839779 Text that is in a text box control of a report or a form may not appear correctly in Access
839785 The data in a linked Excel spreadsheet column is truncated to 255 characters in an Access database
841413 The Database window may not appear when you open an existing Access database or an existing Access project
883866 The display of a data access page is blocked in Web Page Preview mode on a computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2
884185 You may receive an error message when you try to insert a new record in a table that contains an Autonumber field in Access 2007 or in Access 2003
884998 You may receive a security warning message when you use the SendObject macro action or the SendObject method in Microsoft Access
887035 Your XML data may appear to incorrectly import when you try to import that data to Microsoft Office Access 2003 or Microsoft Office Access 2007
888634 You receive the "The database is in an unexpected state" error message when you try to open a database in Access 2000 or a later version of Access
888635 You receive a "No current record" error message when you try to print or preview a report, and then you move between pages of the report in Access
888636 Documenter does not display the DELETE query in Microsoft Access
888695 How to use the Common Dialog API in a database in Access 2003 or Access 2007