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Articles for product: BizTalk Server 2013 Developer

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3115054 "Failed to add resource(s)" error message in Cumulative Update 3 for BizTalk Server 2013 when you try to redeploy a map from Visual Studio
3121493 FIX: WCF-HTTP send doesn't retry or suspend when it receives an error 500 in BizTalk Server
3123164 FIX: The Tracking Profile Editor uses the wrong schema when the tracking profile is deployed
3123740 FIX: You can't import a binding file that's created by the BizTalk WCF Service Publishing Wizard
3123748 Update to add support for SHA2 certificates in BizTalk Server
3124428 Cumulative Update 1 for BizTalk Server Accelerator for SWIFT Message Pack 2015
3133138 FIX: MQSeries adapter stops processing messages in BizTalk Server
3139356 Processing fails for a service message that has a type indicator of 21 in SWIFT Message Pack
3140901 Can't process a message that contains Field 77A in Swift Message Pack
3142269 FIX: Archive folder files are collected when you use a receive location to receive files from a SharePoint library
3143782 Cumulative Update 2 for BizTalk Server Accelerator for SWIFT Message Pack 2015
3145942 FIX: Failure to deploy a shared project during deployment of a BizTalk solution
3152055 Cumulative update package 4 for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013
3154950 Cumulative update package 3 for BizTalk Adapter Pack 2013
3164725 FIX: IDOCs sent with BizTalk WCF-SAP NCO adapter are misaligned in SAP
3164728 FIX: WCF-SAP NCO adapter fails when saprfc.ini file contains comments in BizTalk Server
3165515 FIX: BizTalk HTTP send host crashes FireTransmitComplete during time-outs
3167704 FIX: Redeployment of schema referenced by maps fails after you install BizTalk Server
3185629 Cumulative update package 4 for BizTalk Adapter Pack 2013
3189028 FIX: IDOCs sent with BizTalk WCF-SAP NCO adapter trigger a Syntax or Missing Segment error in SAP
3192680 FIX: NCO BAPI response structure is different from ClassicRFC when BAPI response is empty
3194293 Orphaned BizTalk DTA service instances are not removed by the "DTA Purge and Archive" job in BizTalk Server
3194295 MQSeries Adapter receive locations stop receiving messages after you install Cumulative Update 3 for BizTalk Server 2013
3194296 Cannot install update 2830546 on a system that is running Cumulative Update 1 for BizTalk Server 2013
3194297 "Document type does not match any of the given schemas" error message after you apply Cumulative Update 4 for BizTalk Server 2013
3194301 Cumulative Update 5 for BizTalk Server 2013
3194304 Intermittent "Invalid destination NCoConnection (DELETED)" error messages when a SAP Send port makes an RFC call to get open items
3197184 WCF-SAP Nco Connector creates additional white spaces in BizTalk Server
3202751 FIX: "Unable to create the entry in the AS2 EDIINT MIC table" error when message tracking is enabled in BizTalk Server
3203865 FIX: BizTalk Data Provider for SAP does not have the ConnectorType property
4010116 FIX: "Unable to allocate client in pool" error in NCo in BizTalk Server
4011935 FIX: MQSeries receive location fails to recover after MQ server restarts
4012183 FIX: Error while retrieving metadata for IDOC/RFC/tRFC/BAPI operations when SAP system uses non-Unicode encoding and the connection type is NCo in BizTalk Server
4013857 FIX: The WCF-SAP adapter crashes after you change the ConnectorType property to NCo in BizTalk Server
4014078 FIX: “XmlDasmException” error when “PromoteDocSpecName” is set to ”False” in BizTalk Server
4020013 FIX: iDOC received in SAP is missing the segment hierarchy and contains error message when it is sent through NCo from BizTalk Server
4020014 FIX: SAP adapter in NCo mode does not trim trailing non-printable characters in BizTalk Server
4032678 Cumulative Update 6 for BizTalk Server 2013
4036192 Cumulative update package 5 for BizTalk Adapter Pack 2013
4091110 Support for TLS 1.2 protocol in BizTalk Server
4094163 Cumulative Update 7 for BizTalk Server 2013
4229908 Cumulative update package 6 for BizTalk Adapter Pack 2013
4230301 FIX: BAPI transactions in SAP using BizTalk Server don't work