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Articles for product: Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 1

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244757 How To Download a File Without Prompting
246247 How to sink HTML document events for WebBrowser host
246396 Outlook Express Start-up Informational Pane Is Blank
247257 Steps for signing a .cab file
247336 BUG: Cannot Force WebBrowser Control to Be Offline Using DLCTL_FORCEOFFLINE
249150 Microsoft Rich TextBox control does not work in Internet Explorer
249232 How to get IHTMLDocument2 from a HWND
249233 How To Package ATL Controls for Use Over the Internet
250689 UNC Path Allows Bypassing of Content Ratings Functionality
251135 BUG: Type Mismatch Error When Calling ShowBrowserBar Without Optional Parameter
253201 BUG: OnBeforeUnload() Does Not Fire When Hosting WebBrowser Control
253282 PRB: Changes to ByRef Parameters in Script Event Handlers Are Not Passed to Controls
253315 FP2000: Error Message: Could Not Find Web Server at URL on Port 80
253579 BUG: DISABLED Attribute Does Not Disable Hyperlinks
253915 How To Set DHTML Event Properties from C++
254166 BUG: Distribution of Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library Fails
254337 FIX: Internet Explorer Sends Two GET Requests for the Same Data When the MIME Handler Is an ActiveX Control
254786 PRB: Query String Truncated
255920 How to programmatically activate a band object
256195 How To Handle Data from a Post Form When Hosting WebBrowser Control
257321 PRB: The File Within HREF Returns [OBJECT] in Current Window
257642 Endless reboot requests occur when Internet Explorer attempts to download Visual Basic components
257717 How To Retrieve the Top-Level IWebBrowser2 Interface from an ActiveX Control
257997 PRB: Error "Object Doesn't Support This Property or Method" with Remote Scripting
258818 PRB: Running Visual Basic DHTML Applications on Internet Explorer 4 or 5 Causes Run-Time Error 13 'Type Mismatch'
258864 CTRL+N Starts New Instance of Internet Explorer When in Kiosk Mode
258893 Information About How to Reinstall Internet Explorer
259100 SAMPLE: Vbhttp.exe Demonstrates How to Use HTTP WinInet APIs in Visual Basic
259935 BUG: DocumentComplete Does Not Fire When WebBrowser Is Not Visible
259963 How To Obtain Width and Height Supplied to Inside the Visual C++ WebBrowser Host
259970 PRB: In-Place Activating Document Servers in Internet Explorer
260239 How To Format Cell Data When You Are Creating an Excel File With an Active Server Pages Page
261188 PRB: Security Warning Message Occurs When You Browse to a Page That Contains an IFRAME Through SSL
262900 Error Message with Netscape 4.06 TuneUp Installed
264181 PRB: SignCode Returns "0x800b0006 - Error" Due to Problem in ASN.1 Decoding Process
264323 BUG: Script Encoder Encodes HTML Comments Incorrectly
264470 How To Access Table Cells Using x and y Coordinates Through DHTML
264570 INFO: WebCast: How Does Internet Component Download Work?
265258 Patch Available for "Active Setup Download" Vulnerability in Internet Explorer
265489 Approximately 200 or more SELECT boxes in HTML causes slow and unstable performance in Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition
266087 PRB: Cannot Use Script to Manipulate INPUT TYPE=File Value
266343 PRB: Hosting MSHTML With Scripting Activated Causes Instability
269100 Profile Error 4 Occurs When Creating New User Profiles in Windows 95
269368 Patch Available for Vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer
269518 Internet Explorer Cannot Import Odd-Sized Keys
269595 Active Desktop Wallpaper Appears Scrambled
269677 Internet Explorer Parses Certain DBCS Domain Names Incorrectly
271594 Internet component download online troubleshooter is available
272138 PRB: Negative Integers Do Not Work as Unicode HTML Entity References
272315 PRB: Size Attribute Does Not Control the Width of <INPUT> Text Element