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Articles for product: Microsoft Data Access Components 2.5

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110507 How To Configure ODBC Data Sources on the Fly
119064 How To Retrieving a List of All ODBC Data Sources
127734 How to make sure that the ODBC.DLL and the ODBCCURS.DLL have the same cursor level in Visual C++
129399 HOWTO: How to Convert FoxPro 3.0 Tables to FoxPro 2.x Format
129847 HOWTO: How to Use the Upsizing (SQL) Wizard in Visual FoxPro
130137 HOWTO: How to Use ODBC to Run SQL SELECT on Microsoft Excel Data
130463 HOWTO: How to Import Microsoft Access Data
130506 HOWTO: Use AERROR() in Place of DBERROR() for ODBC Errors
130507 How To Logical Values Must Be Sent to SQL Server as 1 or 0
132231 INFO: Connection Properties You Can Access with SQLGETPROP()
133286 HOWTO: Use Microsoft Access Data in Visual FoxPro
134391 Description of references that discuss ODBC in Visual C++
134721 HOWTO: How to Handle Visual FoxPro Connectivity Errors w/o DBERROR()
137408 DOC: Can't Use ConnectName Property w/SQLGETPROP() Function
137814 How to use predefined queries that take parameters and do not return a result set with the MFC ODBC classes
137944 HOWTO: How to Create a Remote Connection or View Programmatically
137949 FIX: A Microsoft Excel worksheet that contains formulas does not correctly import in Visual FoxPro for Windows 3.0
138998 HOWTO: How to Use SQL Pass-Through to Send Results to a Table
139757 FIX: Upsize Wizard Falsely Creates Timestamp Field on SQL 6.0
140613 FIX: SQLDISCONNECT() May Cause Exception Error in Visual FoxPro
140696 INF: RAISERROR, PRINT, and the MS SQL Server ODBC Driver
141503 FIX: Can't Connect to Excel Data Source in Remote View Wizard
141634 BUG: Setup Parse Error "Object ID 335" from Distributed Setup
142201 FIX: Running a Query from View Designer Causes Error Message
142216 How To Create ODBC Data Sources Using SqlConfigDataSource
142930 HOWTO: RDO: Use ODBC Escape Clauses in Your SQL Syntax
146224 HOWTO: Use SQL Pass Through to Connect to ASCII Text Files
147875 How To Use "DSN-Less" ODBC Connections with RDO and DAO
148330 BUG: ODBC: SQLGetProp Causes IC Error in Debug Window
148406 HOWTO: How to Create a Microsoft Excel Remote View from Visual FoxPro
148641 DOC: Generic Categories of ODBC Errors
149669 BUG: "Required File Missing: MSJINT32.DL_" Setup Wizard Error
149882 How To Execute a Stored Procedure on an Oracle Server
150550 How To Obtain Windows 3.1/Windows 95 Btrieve ODBC Interface
150551 INFO: Duplicate Fields Naming Differs in Local and Remote View
150552 How to avoid the ODBC login dialog box when using MFC in Visual C++
150716 How To DAO: Attach to and Create QueryDefs on ODBC Tables
151686 FIX: MFC ODBC Dynaset Cannot Update a SQL Server 6.0 View
151797 HOWTO: How To Create an SQL Outer Join Using the View Designer
152534 How to use ODBC in an ActiveX control by using Visual C++
153897 FIX: MFC DAO or ODBC App Crashes on Exit
155392 How To Creating a Connection to SQL Server Without a Datasource
155809 How To Use the SYS(3053) Function Handle with ODBC
155913 INFO: Visual Foxpro and ODBC Server-Side Cursors
156061 How To Use the FoxPro SQLPrepare() Function
157525 BUG: Remote View Has Only Two Join Types
157628 FIX: Double Quotes in Remote View Filter Expression Cause Error
161288 How To Get More Information on the ODBC Call Failed Error
162444 FIX: Unable to Load Installable ISAM Error in Visual FoxPro 5
163787 FIX: Form Wizard Doesn't Limit Grid Contents to Related Record