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HOWTO: Use Microsoft Access Data in Visual FoxPro

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Data from a Microsoft Access database can be used in Visual FoxPro by creating an ODBC data source and a remote view. The ODBC data source must be created using the ODBC Administrator, and the remote view can be created interactively using the View Designer or programmatically using the CREATE SQL VIEW command.

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Steps to Create ODBC Data Source

To use data from a Microsoft Access database, an ODBC data source must first be created in the ODBC manager. Depending on the operating system being used, the ODBC manager is located in either the Control Panel or the Microsoft Visual FoxPro Program Manager group.
  1. Open the ODBC Administrator.
  2. Click Add in the Data Sources dialog box.
  3. Select 'Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)' from the list of installed ODBC drivers.
  4. Enter AccessTest for the Data Source Name.
  5. Click the Select button, and locate the Access database to be used.
  6. Click OK, and close the ODBC Administrator.

Steps to Create a Remote View of the Data Interactively

Once a data source has been created for the Microsoft Access database, a remote view can be created using the View Designer. Make sure a Visual FoxPro database is open, and follow these steps:

  1. On the File menu, click New.
  2. Choose Remote View, and click the New File button.
  3. Click the Available Datasources button, and then choose the AccessTest data source from the list. The View Designer display a list of the available tables in the Microsoft Access database.
  4. Choose the desired table, and click OK.
  5. Set up the view as desired.
  6. On the Query menu, click Run Query.
The results should be displayed in a Browse window.

Steps to Create a Remote View of the Data Programmatically

Alternatively, the remote view can be created programmatically by using the CREATE SQL VIEW command. It is assumed that there is an ODBC data source named AccessTest and a table in the Microsoft Access database named Customers.

Type the following commands in the Command window or in a new program:
      CONNECTION AccessTest ;
      AS SELECT * FROM Customers
The results should be displayed in a Browse window.

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