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HOWTO: How to Convert FoxPro 3.0 Tables to FoxPro 2.x Format

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Tables created in Visual FoxPro are not compatible with previous versions of FoxPro, and the current FoxPro Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers only work with FoxPro 2.x tables.

To work around this, use Visual FoxPro's COPY TO command with the TYPE FOX2X clause to convert its tables to the FoxPro 2.x format.

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More information

Beginning with Visual FoxPro 3.0, the COPY TO command has a TYPE FOX2X clause. This clause is used in Visual FoxPro to convert Visual FoxPro tables to a format recognizable by previous versions of FoxPro. kbprg kbinterop kbtshoot kbprb

Example Workaround

  1. Open an existing Visual FoxPro table
  2. Issue the following command in the Command window:
          COPY TO <table name> TYPE FOX2X

Issues When Converting from 3.0 to 2.x

  • Any rules, triggers, captions, comments, or default values created for the Visual FoxPro table will not be available in FoxPro 2.X
  • Null values stored within the Visual FoxPro table will be converted to blank values in FoxPro 2.x. For Numeric, Float, Integer, Double and Currency data types, null values in the source table will be converted to zero.
  • A Visual FoxPro field with the data type of Currency or Double will be converted to Float in FoxPro 2.X. Numeric precision may be lost for large values stored in Double fields.
  • A Visual FoxPro field with the data type of DateTime will be converted to Date in FoxPro 2.x. The time portion of the DateTime field will be lost in the conversion.
  • A Visual FoxPro field with the data type of Integer will be converted to Numeric in FoxPro 2.x.

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