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Articles for product: PowerPoint 2010

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162059 How to configure Internet Explorer to open Office documents in the appropriate Office program instead of in Internet Explorer
202070 MPEG files may not play in a slide show in PowerPoint
202261 You cannot use a pound character in a file name for a hyperlink in an Office program
257757 Considerations for server-side Automation of Office
278578 How passwords work with PowerPoint Show (.pps and .ppsx) files
285497 You receive a "PowerPoint can't open the type of file" error message when you open a PowerPoint presentation in a version that is earlier than PowerPoint 2002
299958 Errors that the RegClean utility finds after you install Microsoft Office
325573 You receive error messages when you try to open an Office document
326736 PowerPoint Show (*.pps) file copies as a PowerPoint (.ppt) file from an IIS Web server
922958 Some fonts are not embedded when you save a PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 presentation in an earlier format
967950 Error message "Do you want to download the converter?" when you try to open a file in Excel, Word or PowerPoint
968095 MS10-105: Vulnerability in Microsoft Office Graphics Filters could allow remote code execution
980543 Equations are not saved when you save a file as a PDF file or as a XPS file in PowerPoint 2010, in Word 2010, or in Office Word 2007
980553 The options to save a presentation as a webpage are not available in the Save As dialog box in PowerPoint 2010
982242 Microsoft Office 2010 Upload Center opens the wrong file on a SharePoint Server
982954 "PowerPoint cannot insert a video from the selected file" error when you try to insert an MPEG-2 video into a PowerPoint 2013 or 2010 presentation
982958 You receive an error message when you insert a DRM-protected video file or audio file into a PowerPoint 2013 or PowerPoint 2010 presentation
982963 An MP3 file that is encoded by using a VBR may not function as expected in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation
982967 A trimmed audio clip that is set to play across slides plays from the beginning of the clip and only for the duration of the trim in PowerPoint 2010
982968 "Upload Failed This file is locked for editing by user_name" error message when you try to save some edits to a PowerPoint 2010 presentation that is located on a server
982970 Changes are not detected by the co-author of a PowerPoint 2010 or 2013 presentation
982972 PowerPoint 2013 or PowerPoint 2010 stops working after you repair a presentation
982974 Crop values that are applied to pictures in picture placeholders are cleared after you reset the slide layout in PowerPoint
982978 Videos that are set to play across slides display over other shapes during playback in PowerPoint
982979 English text may wrap unexpectedly in the middle of a word in the Korean version of PowerPoint
983047 An Office document opens in Protected View even though you enable the "Open Office documents as read/write while browsing" policy setting
983069 Some print options are not available in Word 2010, in Excel 2010, or in PowerPoint 2010
983201 Files on local hosted servers are opened in Protected View in Excel 2010, in PowerPoint 2010, or in Word 2010
983203 No sound is played when you play a video file that is converted from a PowerPoint 2013 or PowerPoint 2010 file that contains a sound file
983264 When you set the Smooth Start or Smooth End animation effect in PowerPoint 2010, the inverse effect changes to a value that is closer to 0 seconds
983462 How to sequence Office 2010 in App-V 4.5 SP2 or App-V 4.6
2289078 MS10-105: Description of the security update for Microsoft Office 2010: December 14, 2010
2345341 Description of the PowerPoint 2010 hotfix package (Powerpoint-x-none.msp): August 31, 2010
2387587 "The file is corrupted and cannot be opened" error message when you open an attachment in Office 2010
2391866 You cannot use videos as slide backgrounds in PowerPoint 2010
2400334 A text box that was created in PowerPoint 2002 or in PowerPoint 2003 does not resize to fit text correctly in PowerPoint 2010
2466273 Description of the PowerPoint 2010 hotfix package (powerpoint-x-none.msp): December 14, 2010
2466282 Description of the PowerPoint 2010 hotfix package (powerpoint-x-none.msp, pptview-x-none.msp): December 14, 2010
2466283 Description of the PowerPoint 2010 hotfix package (pptview-x-none.msp): December 14, 2010
2470235 You cannot save an auto-saved document without saving the auto-revision information when the AutoRecover feature is enabled in Office 2010
2479871 Security settings for graphic filters for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Office 2010, and the 2007 Microsoft Office system
2496949 Description of the PowerPoint 2010 hotfix package (powerpoint-x-none.msp, pptview-x-none.msp): February 22, 2011
2500676 A placeholder in an Office PowerPoint 2003 presentation may not have the same properties when you alter the copied placeholder in the presentation in PowerPoint 2010
2501584 Microsoft Security Advisory: Microsoft Office File Validation for Office 2003, 2007 Office, and Office 2010: April 12, 2011
2510154 Description of the Office 2010 SP1, SharePoint 2010 SP1, Office Servers SP1 DVD, and FAST Technologies 2010 SP1 DVDs
2516484 Description of the PowerPoint 2010 hotfix package (oart-x-none.msp, powerpoint-x-none.msp): April 26, 2011
2519975 MS11-022: Description of the security update for PowerPoint 2010: April 12, 2011
2528533 Office 2010 Cumulative Update for April 2011
2528750 Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 crashes when you try to type any text
2535422 Description of the Office updates: April 12, 2011