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Articles for product: Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 Service Pack 2

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933082 Error message when you try to close the period or the year in Project Controller in Microsoft Dynamics SL: "Unposted Allocations in Current or Prior Period"
2765102 Application Server displays error 10065 when uploading reports to SharePoint
2863200 When you click save in User Maintenance or Group Maintenance, the save process can take several minutes while it syncs with report server
2870320 You receive System Message 10065 "Application 4011000 has exceeded the limit of 50 cursors" in Shippers when you do an RFC and select many items
2894373 The Grid to Excel functionally in Dynamics SL returns no data
2895491 Error message when logging into Microsoft Dynamics for Mobile Devices: The formatter threw an exception
2915735 Bookings are being posted incorrectly when a shipper is canceled after hot fix 25337 is installed
2921404 Support is added for Business Analyzer R5 in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2922314 Required user rights in Microsoft Dynamics SL to release batches in distribution modules
2922329 You receive System Message 10065 - Application TMTRA00 has exceeded the limit of 50 cursors when approving 25 or more timecard corrections
2926571 "System Message 10065 the application has exceeded the limit of 50 cursors" when you switch companies many times
2931999 How to correct data errors that prevent Management Reporter integration
2932603 Some Microsoft Dynamics SL SSRS reports do not display in non-IE browsers
2936722 You receive an error message that the OverMax Adjustment Offset GL Cpny/Acct/Subacct is invalid when you use a task maximum and have "Valid Combos Required" selected in Flexkey Definition
2937706 [SDP3][aed435a8-d357-43b5-8fb1-38878fd27413] Management Reporter 2012 and Dynamics SL 2011 Data Validation Diagnostic
2949563 Scheduled Billings and Revenue Entry (BI.SBE.00) calculates an incorrect amount when a schedule is saved
2952128 When you enter a Sales Order with a Purchase For of Goods for Project Sales Order, the Purchase For is set back to Goods for Sales Order
2953134 You receive System Message 9891 when you try to change the Windows user account ID
2953185 Inventory Item Lookup (10.210.00) does not populate correctly
2954194 The serial number is set to "no_serial" when a Sales Order is linked to a Work Order and the item is serialized with a user-enterable issue method
2958652 When picking time is set to zero days in OM Setup, the Quantity on Back Order in the soshipline table is not updated correctly
2973312 The 941 calculation process stops working in a database that has many employees
2973428 When you enter selection criteria of ‘not equal’ in ROI, you do not receive the expected results
2979010 SL 2011 FP1 databases can now be upgraded and synchronized in Database Maintenance with SQL Server 2012 or 2014
2982015 If a check is voided more than one period in the future, the original check is not shown as outstanding during the interim periods between the original check and the void check
2984598 You receive System Message 1558 in Contract Maintenance if a 1099 vendor with terms is entered on a subcontract
2985289 Week ending dates are incorrect in an Advanced Payroll batch generated from the Service Dispatch module
2986028 The Commission by Salesperson report (40.750.00) is incorrect when there are soshiplines with identical information and consolidated invoices are printed
2986450 You receive system message 15429 “There is not enough quantity on hand in this Warehouse Bin Location for this item" even though there is quantity available for the item
2986869 An out of balance batch can be created in Inventory Issues when the decimal precision for inventory quantity is 4 or more, with .0003 being a documented occurrence
2987718 The Year End Closing process in GL creates a record in curyacct but not accthist. This causes issues with the Management Reporter integration
2988163 Allocation Processor is slow in a database where there is a large rate table and projects with few or no transactions are being processed
2988526 In Project Maintenance in Business Portal, a project ID can be entered with a blank segment that is set up to be validated against a code file
2988650 When an Order Management Shipping Notice is sent through Quick send, the Shipping Notice may contain incorrect information
2989212 Shipment Confirmation (40.117.00) does not populate the INPrjAllocationLot table for serialized items that are allocated to a Project
2989328 You receive System Message 6900 - Another process has already updated the ardoc table, when you change the period to post in AR Payment Application
2993824 The select criteria is not working for AR Statements if a document date filter is entered and the statement is sent with Quick Send
2993887 The prevailing wage in Service Call entry is not defaulting correctly from the project or the labor class
2999152 Premium Freight is negative if a Drop Ship order is partly shipped and the order type is OU
3005116 You receive system message 7503, Incorrect Company ID, User ID or Password logging into Microsoft Dynamics SL
3012538 You receive a System.OutOfMemoryException error in Process Manager when you select to Rebuild Inventory Plan and there are many soplan records
3012899 You recieve an error "The webpage cannot be found" in Business Portal for Dynamics SL
3025289 You receive System Message 6242 when you try to return a serialized inventory item allocated to a Project
3027074 You receive System Message 6855 in Inventory Issues on a Lot/Serial tracked item
3027511 The quantity on open sales orders that are consuming project inventory is incorrect when a Sales Order is linked to a Purchase Order with multiple Sales Order schedule records
3027855 The alternate ID type is incorrect on the sales order detail line when an Alternate ID is manually entered on a Sales Order
3029359 The AltIDType field in the purchase order detail table is incorrect when the Alternate ID is auto-populated, is manually changed, or is manually added to a purchase order
3032953 The fiscal period on an invoice detail record is being changed in Invoice and Adjustment Maintenance (BI.BAM.00) when items are selected on a draft
3032969 The Current Replenishment Needs (41.040.00) report crashes in a database that has lots of Inventory and Sales Order data
3035708 Inventory Project Allocations are not relieved when you use a Serialized inventory item with an OU order type