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Articles for product: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition

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142387 How To Create Excel Chart w/OLE Automation from Visual Basic
147875 How To Use "DSN-Less" ODBC Connections with RDO and DAO
161288 How To Get More Information on the ODBC Call Failed Error
167380 Internet Explorer reports unknown type .VBD for Active Document
172093 How to access MAPI Address Books by using Collaboration Data Objects 1.x
172998 How To Use WebBrowser HEADERS Param in Navigate Method
175512 How To Get a Short Filename from a Long Filename
176086 How To Retrieve Recordsets from Oracle Stored Procedures Using ADO
178875 ORALONG.EXE: Use RDO with Oracle LONG/LONG RAW Datatypes
179497 How To Select a Directory Without the Common Dialog Control
180193 FIX: DAO Oracle and the NUMBER Datatype
181075 SAMPLE: Automating Internet Explorer from Within a Contained VB ActiveX Control
182598 How To Implement IObjectSafety in Visual Basic Controls
188018 How To Pass Parameters from HTML to ActiveX Documents
189249 How to determine which 32-bit Windows version is being used
190371 HOWTO: Use Bound Controls with an ADO Recordset
190410 PRB: Error Assigning Non-Opened Recordset to ADODC
190411 How To Bind a DataReport To an ADO Recordset at Run Time
190605 PRB: Binding Hierarchical Recordset in Data Environment
191096 PRB: Multiple "System Files Are Out of Date" Errors
191513 BUG: T-SQL Debugger Is Not Invoked Calling Second Stored Procedure
191515 BUG: AbsolutePosition Property Returns Different Results
191717 How To Display Boolean Values in Bound DataGrid
192716 HOWTO: Update More Than 40 Fields in an Access (Jet) Database
192919 How To Automate a Secured Access Database Using Visual Basic
193087 BUG: Cannot Run a Compiled ActiveX DLL From IE
193347 PRB: Error When You Use MS Data Shape Provider in Data Environment
194611 How To Create and Call an Excel Macro Programmatically from VB
195049 How To Maintain Binary Compatibility in Components Exposing ADO
195353 FILE: VBUSC.EXE Provides Licensing for Discontinued Controls
196956 DOC: Visual Basic Does Not Allow You to Build OLE DB Providers
197902 PRB: Jet 3.51 OLE DB Provider Is Not Installed With MDAC 2.1 or Later
198532 FIX: ADO: Unable To Update Memo Field > 64K In Access Database
200027 How To Determine If Internet Explorer Is Offline from an ActiveX Document
200591 PRB: 8570 Report Sections Do Not Match DataSource
213856 INFO: Using Disconnected Hierarchical Recordsets
216399 How to convert between ASCII and EBCDIC character codes
217156 PRB: Jet Doesn't Honor AllowZeroLength=No When Table Created With CREATE TABLE SQL Statement
217754 How To Control Which MDAC Version the Package and Deployment Wizard (PDW) Distributes
218600 How To Use Data Links to Create a Connection String at Run Time
224424 How To Implement Visual Basic COM Objects Returning Recordsets
231844 How To Detect If an Application Has Stopped Responding
232144 INFO: Jet OLE DB Provider Version 4.0 Supports SELECT @@Identity
233391 FIX: MFC ActiveX controls paint incorrectly when scrolling the HTML page
234218 How To Reuse ADO Connections Within MTS Transactions
237844 How To Enable ODBC Connection Pooling in a Visual Basic ADO Application
238279 PRB: Executing Refresh Method of ADO Data Control Causes Syntax and Method Refresh Errors
239440 SAMPLE: ATL4Acc.exe: Calling SQL 7 Parameterized Stored Procedures Using ATL OLE DB Consumer Accessors
240019 How To Dynamically Populate a Data Report in Visual Basic
240377 How To Ensure Jet 3.5 Is Installed Correctly (Part I)