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Articles for product: Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 Standard Edition

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152745 XADM: Cannot Delete Public Folders Using Administrator Program
152808 How to change the Exchange Server service account
152854 XADM: Using Bulk Import to Remove Data
152928 XFOR: MTA does not Generate Requested Delivery Report
152936 XADM: Exchange Admin Does Not Browse for Exchange Server Computerss
152958 XADM: Organizational Forms Unavailable to Other Servers in Site
152960 Reassigning site roles after removing the first server in an Exchange site
153028 XADM: How to Export Multiple (Secondary) E-mail Addresses
153039 XFOR: Non-TNEF Attachments Inbound From IMC at Top of Message
153119 XFOR: Telnet to Port 25 to Test SMTP Communication
153121 XFOR: Migrating from WGPO to Exchange
153188 XCON: Description of MTA Diagnostics Logging Options
153270 XFOR: Internet Mail Connector Proxy Generator Options
153326 XADM: Information Store Returns Service Specific Error 4021
153464 XFOR: Unexpected Text Attachment in Mail Received from Internet
153479 XADM: How to Include the Global Address List in the Offline Address Book
153480 XADM: Exchange Stops Responding; Event 7200 1711 1025
153947 Problem Accessing Hard Drive After Running Optimizer
154053 XFOR: How To Change cc:Mail Address Format To "Last, First"
154298 XFOR: Mail Going to IMC or MSMail Stays in Outbox
154481 XGEN: README.TXT: Microsoft Exchange 5.0 U.S. Service Pack 1
154531 XADM: Moving the KM Server to Another Server in the Site
154537 XCON: Congestion in Message Transfer Service, Sending to DL
154595 XADM: Directory Won't Start if System Date Later Than 2038
154792 Exchange and Schedule+ white papers and their locations
154947 XADM: How to Move a Public Folder to Another Site
155027 XCON: Unable to Start Microsoft Exchange Server MTA: Errors 1067 and 2140
155124 XADM: Error: Initializing Extension Data Attributes
155269 XADM: Microsoft Exchange Administrators' FAQ
155509 XADM: Restore Exchange When Site or Organization Name Is Unknown
155594 XADM: Generic Import Format to Add SMTP Secondary Proxy Address
155780 XADM: Mailbox Cleanup Agent Doesn't Exclude Mailboxes With Comma
155814 XFOR: Error 2186: Service is not Responding to Control Function
156063 Readme.wri: Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 release notes
156077 XADM: How to Specify Where New Public Folders Are Stored
157214 Deleting a "Bad" Message from the MTA Queue in Exchange Server
157420 XFOR: Embedded Messages not Handled by MS Mail Connector
157660 XCON: Troubleshooting w/out MTA Object in Administrator Program
157780 How to change the service account password
158028 XADM: Changing the Exchange Organization Name
158151 XFOR: ErrMsg: Event ID 1035 - Unable to Open or Read a Message
158488 XCON: Event Log: Queue-Desc-Object (ID 1) Not Found . . .
158530 Build numbers and release dates for Exchange Server
158989 XADM: Factors affecting Exchange Directory Replication Speed
159166 XCON: MTA Stops Responding; Event ID 2110
159188 XADM: Content Conversion Errors with Large Recipient Lists
159196 XADM: Tasks Controlled by the IS Maintenance Schedule
159197 XADM: Controlling Folder Index Aging
159298 Analyzing Exchange RPC traffic over TCP/IP
159563 XCLN: Citrix WinFrame FAQ