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Articles for product: Microsoft Visual FoxPro 3.0 Standard Edition

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129399 HOWTO: How to Convert FoxPro 3.0 Tables to FoxPro 2.x Format
130137 HOWTO: How to Use ODBC to Run SQL SELECT on Microsoft Excel Data
130463 HOWTO: How to Import Microsoft Access Data
130506 HOWTO: Use AERROR() in Place of DBERROR() for ODBC Errors
130507 How To Logical Values Must Be Sent to SQL Server as 1 or 0
132231 INFO: Connection Properties You Can Access with SQLGETPROP()
133286 HOWTO: Use Microsoft Access Data in Visual FoxPro
134721 HOWTO: How to Handle Visual FoxPro Connectivity Errors w/o DBERROR()
137408 DOC: Can't Use ConnectName Property w/SQLGETPROP() Function
137944 HOWTO: How to Create a Remote Connection or View Programmatically
137949 FIX: A Microsoft Excel worksheet that contains formulas does not correctly import in Visual FoxPro for Windows 3.0
138998 HOWTO: How to Use SQL Pass-Through to Send Results to a Table
139757 FIX: Upsize Wizard Falsely Creates Timestamp Field on SQL 6.0
140613 FIX: SQLDISCONNECT() May Cause Exception Error in Visual FoxPro
141503 FIX: Can't Connect to Excel Data Source in Remote View Wizard
142201 FIX: Running a Query from View Designer Causes Error Message
142216 How To Create ODBC Data Sources Using SqlConfigDataSource
146224 HOWTO: Use SQL Pass Through to Connect to ASCII Text Files
148330 BUG: ODBC: SQLGetProp Causes IC Error in Debug Window
148406 HOWTO: How to Create a Microsoft Excel Remote View from Visual FoxPro
148641 DOC: Generic Categories of ODBC Errors
149882 How To Execute a Stored Procedure on an Oracle Server
150550 How To Obtain Windows 3.1/Windows 95 Btrieve ODBC Interface
150551 INFO: Duplicate Fields Naming Differs in Local and Remote View
151797 HOWTO: How To Create an SQL Outer Join Using the View Designer
155392 How To Creating a Connection to SQL Server Without a Datasource
159621 INFO: Difference Between OLE Controls and ActiveX Controls
162444 FIX: Unable to Load Installable ISAM Error in Visual FoxPro 5
163787 FIX: Form Wizard Doesn't Limit Grid Contents to Related Record
163935 FIX: Error "Invalid Page Fault" When Connecting to Sybase
164389 FIX: ODBC Files Get Copied to Distribution Disks in VFP 3.0
176653 FIX: Incorrect Decimal Data Sent to SQL Server with Remote View
176830 How To Create a Connection Programmatically
185655 FIX: TMP File Errors If ALTER TABLE Runs Same Time As ODBC DLL
187720 HOWTO: How to Disable ODBC Login Prompt at Run-Time
189918 How To Administer SQL Server Users from Visual FoxPro
191694 How To Add a User and Set User Privileges to SQL Server
195262 How To Delete ODBC Data Source Using SqlConfigDataSource
195526 How To Retrieve Primary Keys for SQL Server Tables
196084 How To Retrieve Foreign Key Information from SQL Server
196333 PRB: Not Null Field Returns Error Using VFPODBC SQL Insert
196711 BUG: Extra Spaces Added to Fields When Updating MS Access Table
231812 How To Programmatically Set the Compatibility Level of the SQL Server ODBC Driver