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How To Administer SQL Server Users from Visual FoxPro

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Using stored procedures on a SQL Server and the Visual FoxPro SQLEXEC() function, it is possible to administer database users and groups from within a Visual FoxPro program. The following sample code demonstrates how to accomplish this.

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The sample code assumes that an ODBC datasource has been created to connect to the master database. The datasource should connect to the database that contains the user you wish to work with. So, if you want to administrate a user in the "pubs" database, change the ODBC connection so that it connects to the "pubs" database.

If users are being dropped from a database other than master, the program needs to explicitly call the necessary stored procedures from the master database: "master.dbo.sp_adduser." This convention is used in the sample code for greater clarity, though it is not needed since the master database is being used in the sample code.

The program user needs to have administrator privileges to perform these actions.
   *-- Code begins here
   *-- Change the datasource, user name and password as appropriate.
   gnConnect = SQLCONNECT("moonbase", "sa", "")
   IF gnConnect <= 0
       =MESSAGEBOX("Could not establish a database connection.", ;
         0, "Connection Error")

   *-- Add user id "mike" if is not already exist in the master database.
   gnLogin = SQLEXEC(gnConnect, 'exec master.dbo.sp_addlogin "mike", ""')
   IF gnLogin > 0
      WAIT WINDOW "User Login added"
      WAIT WINDOW "User Login already exist"

   *-- Add a user "mike" and put it in the "public" group.
   gnAddUser = SQLEXEC(gnConnect, 'exec master.dbo.sp_adduser "mike", ;
     "mike", "public"')
   IF gnAddUser > 0
      WAIT WINDOW "User was successfully added."
      WAIT WINDOW "Adding user failed."

   *-- Add a test group
   gnAddGroup = SQLEXEC(gnConnect, 'exec master.dbo.sp_addgroup "test"')
   IF gnAddGroup > 0
      WAIT WINDOW "Group was successfully added."
      WAIT WINDOW "Adding group failed."

   IF gnAddUser > 0 AND gnAddGroup > 0
      *-- Add the user to the test group
      gnAddUserGroup = SQLEXEC(gnConnect, ;
          'exec master.dbo.sp_changegroup "test", "mike"')
      IF gnAddUserGroup > 0
         WAIT WINDOW "User was successfully added to group."

   *-- Now drop the user.
   IF gnAddUser > 0
      gnDropUser = SQLEXEC(gnConnect, 'exec master.dbo.sp_dropuser "mike"')
      IF gnDropUser > 0
         WAIT WINDOW "User was successfully dropped."

   *-- And drop the group
   IF gnAddGroup > 0
      gnDropGroup = SQLEXEC(gnConnect, ;
          'exec master.dbo.sp_dropgroup "test"')
   IF gnDropGroup > 0
      WAIT WINDOW "Group was successfully dropped."
   *--Code ends here

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Transact-SQL Reference Help; search on: sp_adduser, sp_dropuser, sp_addgroup, sp_dropgroup

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