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How To Delete ODBC Data Source Using SqlConfigDataSource

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This article describes how to programmatically remove an existing ODBC datasource instead of manually removing it through the ODBC Administrator. You can use the SqlConfigDataSource function in Odbccp32.dll for this purpose.

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More information

The following sample code demonstrates how to use this API function to remove a Visual FoxPro Database datasource. To use this code, you need to create a datasource called rmtest that points to the data1.dbc in your local hard drive.
   DECLARE Integer SQLConfigDataSource IN odbccp32.dll Integer, ;
      Integer, String, String
   DriverName="Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver"
   IsRemove =SQLConfigDataSource(1,3,DriverName, "DSN=rmtest" + CHR(0)+;
               "Description=david test"+CHR(0)+;
   IF IsRemove>0
      WAIT WINDOW "Deleted"
      WAIT WINDOW "Delete failed"
Note that the "Description=david test" portion of the connection string can be omitted and the datasource will still be removed.

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To programmatically create a data source, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
142216 How To Create ODBC Data Sources Using SqlConfigDataSource

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