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Articles for product: Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 Standard Edition

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293184 HOW TO: Determine the Order in Which Shapes Are Added to Diagrams in Office Programs
293368 OFFXP: Blue Color Used Twice If Venn Diagram Uses Primary Colors Style
293615 Organization charts from Office 2000 programs appear different in Office XP programs
295342 OFFXP: New Dialog Box Does Not Appear When You Click New on File Menu
297891 You experience performance and memory problems when you switch between a Web browser and the Office XP programs
298017 You receive a "Cannot delete <file name>" error message when you try to delete a file in the Open dialog box or in the Save As dialog box in Office
298035 You receive a "The Office Assistant could not be started" error message when you start an Office XP programs
300523 Embedded Excel worksheets shrink when you edit them in PowerPoint
300912 Office programs that have a Voodoo3 driver installed stop responding (hang) and you recieve error messages
301459 The Insert Picture dialog box in Office XP programs always opens in Thumbnails view
302281 How to obtain the window handle for an Office Automation server by using Visual Basic .NET
302295 How To Obtain the Window Handle for an Office Automation Server by Using Visual C# .NET
302375 You receive a "Clip Organizer Cannot Complete the Operation" error message when you try to start Clip Organizer
302596 Error message when you have the Adobe PDFMaker add-in installed
302841 ACC2002: Hyperlink Text Changes to Question Marks When You Paste the Text into Other Office Programs
302902 Binding for Office automation servers with Visual C# .NET
303294 How to use Automation to get and to set Office Document properties with Visual Basic .NET
303296 How To Use Automation to Get and to Set Office Document Properties with Visual C# .NET
303409 You cannot import an image with a scanner or a camera that uses the TWAIN drivers in Office
304648 OFFXP: An Arabic Presentation Forms Character Changes to a Question Mark in an Enhanced Metafile
304661 How To Use Visual Basic .NET for Binding for Office Automation Servers
306682 How to run Office macros by using Automation from Visual Basic .NET
306683 HOW TO: Run Office Macros by Using Automation from Visual C# .NET
306686 How To Run Office Macros Using Automation From Visual C++ .NET
306986 You receive an "An Internal Error has occurred” or a “Setup cannot create the folder” when you install Office XP
307292 How To: Dismiss a Dialog Box Displayed by an Office Application with Visual Basic .NET
307949 HOW TO: Configure a System Policy to Control the Recently Used File List in an Office XP Program
308408 How To Use Automation to Get and Set Office Document Properties from a Managed C++ Client
308409 PRB: Visual Basic .NET Error Using GetObject or GetActiveObject for Running Instance of Office Application
310744 How To Dismiss a Dialog Box Displayed by an Office Application by Using Visual C++ .NET and MFC
312412 Send to Mail Recipient command appears dimmed
312626 Use Automation to Create Office Command Bars and Controls by Using Visual C++ .NET
312838 Pictures in documents that were created in an earlier version of Office appear flipped in Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2007
312976 HOW TO: Prevent Users from Sending Clip Organizer Files as E-mail Attachments in Office XP
316027 Linked Excel charts in Office documents do not update after you change MUI Language
316070 PPT: Borders Are Lost When You Print Inserted Excel Objects at Printer Resolution
316125 PRB: Visual C# .NET Error Attaching to Running Instance of Office Application
316618 OFFXP: Objects May Not Be Displayed Correctly When You Use Third-Party Magnification Software
316619 OFFXP: Flipped Images Lose Their Flipped Properties in VBA When Saved
316724 PRB: Macro Warning Occurs in an Office Application When You Load a .NET Add-In
317405 How to implement the Application.AutomationSecurity property in Office XP
317535 HOW TO: Call a Visual Basic .NET Class Library from Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Office
319832 INFO: Error or Unexpected Behavior with Office Automation When You Use Early Binding in Visual Basic
319956 The Answer Wizard and the Help Index tabs appear blank when you use Help in an Office program
322203 Cannot add body text when you reply to an e-mail message that contains a PowerPoint slide
323613 You receive the "CiceroUIWndFrame: GRAPH.EXE - Application Error" error message when you delete multiple columns from a graph
325478 "This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer" error message when you click a hyperlink in an Office XP program
329228 How to make sure that your Office XP document has a valid digital signature
813960 Black AutoShapes May Not Print Completely Black
814169 Lines with arrows print without the arrows in some Office XP programs