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Articles for product: Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 Standard Edition

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174640 PRB: ASP Error "The Query Is Not Updateable" When You Update Table Record
199841 How To Display ASP Results Using Excel in IE with MIME Types
200244 FIX: Msadco.dll Update to Address Access Violation in Devenv.exe
200874 How To Specify HTC/HTA Files as HTML in Visual InterDev 6.0
201140 PRB: Cannot Set the Application Root for This Web Application
203573 PRB: ASP/ADO Coding Error Produces ASP 0115 Error
224939 FIX: Wrong List of Object Names for Access OLEDB Connections
241963 INFO: SourceSafe Integration Changes with FrontPage 2000 Server
243337 PRB: Errors with Integration After Enabling P & M
246123 How To Add Web Projects to Multiple SourceSafe Databases
247683 PRB: Error Message "FrontPage Server Extentions on This Web Do Not Support Getting Previous Versions"
248063 PRB: Error message: Unable to retrieve folder information from the server
253194 FrontPage Checks Out the Wrong Version of a Pinned File in Visual SourceSafe
257997 PRB: Error "Object Doesn't Support This Property or Method" with Remote Scripting
262601 FIX: Menu Does Not Appear When You Right-Click in the Query Builder
268860 PRB: Visual InterDev Data Connection Reports "Can't Find Installable ISAM" Error
272326 FIX: False Warning When You Use Visual Data Tools with Visual Studio 6.0 SP4
288245 PRB: Global.asa Does Not Fire from Personal Web Server on Windows 98
299900 FIX: Integration of Visual SourceSafe, Visual InterDev, and FrontPage does not succeed and the file does not appear to be under source control
307976 You receive an error message when you use FrontPage with URLScan
314775 INFO: Migrating Visual InterDev Design-Time Controls to ASP.NET
319513 INFO: Visual InterDev 6.0 Remote Scripting and ASP.NET
810740 FPSE2002: "Unable to Retrieve Folder Information from the Server" Error Message When You Try to Run an Executable in a Root Folder
816634 BUG: Deploy Option in Microsoft Visual InterDev Is Not Supported by FrontPage Server Extensions 2002
924072 Visual InterDev does not update Web pages in "Local mode" when you use Visual Source Safe 2005 to check out, update, and then check in the Web pages