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How To Specify HTC/HTA Files as HTML in Visual InterDev 6.0

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Introduced in Internet Explorer 5, the HTML Component (HTC) is a mechanism for implementing Dynamic HTML (DHTML) behaviors in script and the HTML Application (HTA) is a mechanism for displaying HTML as a standalone application.

This article explains how to update Visual InterDev 6.0 to enable these new file types to be edited using the Visual InterDev 6.0 HTML editor.

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To set up Visual InterDev 6.0 to recognize HTC or HTA files as HTML files, set the HTML editor as the default application to open files of type HTC/HTA. Use the following instructions to do this, once for each file type:
  1. Open a solution (Visual InterDev project) that contains an HTC or HTA file or open an HTC or HTA file into Miscellaneous Files of any default solution.
  2. In the Project Explorer window, right-click the HTC or HTA file and select Open With. The Project Explorer window appears at the top right of the workspace by default and shows a hierarchical view of your project files.
  3. In the list box on the Open With dialog box, select HTML Editor and then click the Set as default button.
  4. Visual InterDev will now syntax color script and tag declarations when you open HTC and HTA files in the future. HTC and HTA files open at the time of this change will need to be closed and re-opened to be viewed with the Visual InterDev HTML editor.

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For more information about developing Web-based solutions for Microsoft Internet Explorer, visit the following Microsoft Web sites:

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