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Articles for product: Microsoft Data Access Components 2.7

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196956 DOC: Visual Basic Does Not Allow You to Build OLE DB Providers
196968 PRB: SHAPE Provider Pulls Down All Records in Child Table
200591 PRB: 8570 Report Sections Do Not Match DataSource
202955 PRB: Filter Property Fails When Using Multiple Single Quotation Marks
203573 PRB: ASP/ADO Coding Error Produces ASP 0115 Error
213856 INFO: Using Disconnected Hierarchical Recordsets
216389 INFO: Maintaining Binary Compatibility in Components with ADOR
217754 How To Control Which MDAC Version the Package and Deployment Wizard (PDW) Distributes
218600 How To Use Data Links to Create a Connection String at Run Time
219293 INFO: ODBC, SQL Server, and Jet Versions Shipped with MDAC
221071 INFO: OLEDB Provider Support For ITransactionLocal and ITransactionJoin
221240 PRB: Firewalls or Proxy Servers Can Cause RDS to Fail
222120 INFO: Last Trailing Zero in Numeric Field Truncated with Sybase Database
222664 PRB: Call to SQL Stored Procedure Returns 'Invalid Column Name'
222831 HOWTO: Retrieving Numeric Data with SQL_NUMERIC_STRUCT
223333 OleDbOrc.exe: Using the OLE DB Cursor Engine Service to Provide Updatability for OLE DB Providers
224424 How To Implement Visual Basic COM Objects Returning Recordsets
228843 How To Implement Session Pooling from Visual Basic ADO Program
229564 SQL application role errors with OLE DB resource pooling
229919 How To Retrieve a Recordset from an Oracle Stored Procedure Using ADO on ASP
229929 INFO: Registry Entries and Keywords for SQL Server Connection Strings
230912 PRB: "Not a Valid Month" Error when Inserting into Oracle Date Fields
231943 Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) release history
232144 INFO: Jet OLE DB Provider Version 4.0 Supports SELECT @@Identity
234482 PRB: ADODB Out-of-Process Error with Microsoft OLAP Using Properties in SQL Statement
235053 PRB: E_FAIL Returned from Prepare() When SQL Statement Contains a Parameter in a Subquery
235566 BUG: Unexpected Cursor Behavior with Set NoCount Statement and SQLOLEDB
236786 PRB: "Numeric Value Out of Range" Error when Calling GetFieldValue and Using SQL UNION
237536 PRB: 80004005 Unspecified Error When Passing Disconnected Recordset from MTS to ASP
237844 How To Enable ODBC Connection Pooling in a Visual Basic ADO Application
237977 INFO: OLE DB Session Pooling Timeout Configuration
238279 PRB: Executing Refresh Method of ADO Data Control Causes Syntax and Method Refresh Errors
238949 How To Set the SQL Server Network Library in an ADO Connection String
240019 How To Dynamically Populate a Data Report in Visual Basic
240166 INFO: MDAC 2.1 Sets Session Pooling ON by Default
240838 How To Use the MSRemote Provider Through Client Script
241147 PRB: SQL Server ODBC Driver Returns Output Parameter as a Result Set in a Plain SQL Statement
241267 PRB: SQL Server Link to Remote Database Fails with Error 7399
241347 BUG: Inserting/Updating Dates Before "01-01-1900" Into SQL Using JDBC-ODBC Creates Errors
241639 PRB: "Errors Occurred" Error When Calling Stored Procedure with More than a SELECT Statement
242385 INFO: Microsoft Oracle OLE DB Provider Does Not Support Personal Oracle
242956 PRB: DB_E_BADBINDINFO Returned from MoveNext/GetData When Using BYREF with Column Type
243069 INFO: List of Useful Articles Related to MDAC Setup
244040 How To Have Your ODBC Jet 3.5 and 4.0 Applications Co-exist
244499 How To Install MDAC Components on Windows 2000 Platform
244659 SAMPLE: How to Create a Data Link File with Windows 2000
244661 INFO: Limitations of Microsoft Oracle ODBC Driver and OLEDB Provider
245344 PRB: MoveNext Method Sometimes Skips Rows Or Reaches EOF When Recordset Is Sorted
245359 How To Open Documents Using the Internet Publishing Provider