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INFO: ODBC, SQL Server, and Jet Versions Shipped with MDAC

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This article lists various versions of MDAC, the Microsoft SQL Server ODBC driver, ODBC driver manager, Jet driver and Jet engine versions shipped with each of them, platforms supported and the major products that ship them.

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Select By Product Only, and then choose MDAC. The file list for earlier MDAC versions is itemized below. In addition, to locate the release source for a specific .dll, use the above reference site and select By File Only as a search criteria.

NT 4.0 SP3
(no MDAC)
MDAC, 95IE4.0, PDC
MDAC 1.5a3.50.33083.50.03033.51.0623.43.50.3907NT4, 95Web download
MDAC 1.5b3.50.33303.50.03053.51.0623.43.51.1029NT4, 95OP, VS5
MDAC 1.5c3.50.36093.50.03053.51.0623.43.51.1029NT4, 95, 98Web download
MDAC, 98, 95 (Dcom95)Web download
MDAC 2.0 SP13.51.3002.233.60.03193.51.20263.51.1713NT4 SP4 NT4 SP4
MDAC 2.0 SP23.51.3002.233.60.03193.51.20263.51.1713NT4, 98, 95 (Dcom95)Web download
MDAC, 98, 95 (Dcom95)SQL7.0, SQL6.5 SP5a
MDAC 2.1 SP1 (GA)3.51.3711.03.70.06234.00.2521.84.00.3711.8NT4, 98, 95 (Dcom95)Web download
IE5*, VS6 SP3
MDAC 2.1 SP2 (GA)3.51.4202.03.70.06904.00.2927.24.00.4202.0NT4, 98, 95 (Dcom95)Web download
MDAC 2.5 RTM3.520.4403., NT4, 98, 95 (Dcom95)Web download
Windows 2000
MDAC 2.5 SP13.520.5303., NT4, 98, 95 (Dcom95)Web download
Windows 2000 SP1
MDAC 2.63.520.6526.02000.80.194.00N/AN/A2000, NT4, 98, 95 (Dcom95)Web download
SQL Server 2000
MDAC 2.6 SP13.520.7326.02000.80.380.0N/AN/A2000, NT4 (SP5, IE 4.01 SP2), Me, 98SE, 98(Y2K update 2, IE 4.01 SP2), 95(Y2K update, IE 4.01 SP2)Web download
SQL Server 2000 SP1
MDAC 2.73.520.7713.02000.81.7713.0N/AN/AXP, 2000, NT4 (SP5, IE 4.01 SP2), Me, 98SE, 98(Y2K update 2, IE 4.01 SP2)Web download
Windows XP Professional, Home


For more information, see the following Web site: Internet Explorer 5.0 version does not ship with drivers. This can be downloaded from:

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