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PRB: Firewalls or Proxy Servers Can Cause RDS to Fail

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Microsoft Remote Data Service for ADO (RDS) fails with different error messages when used in conjunction with some firewalls and proxy servers.

There is no specific error message associated with this problem. RDS returns seemingly random error messages. The errors can occur on Queries or Updates.

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RDS requires the firewall or proxy server to pass the data between client and server without modification. Some firewalls or proxy servers may modify the User-Agent tags or other data that RDS needs to function properly.

Currently, the only way to determine if your firewall or proxy server operates properly with RDS is to try to use RDS with and without them.

Due to the number of firewalls and proxy servers on the market today, and the lack of uniform standards, Microsoft cannot verify that RDS operates with every one of them.

Be sure to check this Knowledge Base article often for information about firewalls that do not function well with RDS. As they are discovered, this article will be amended. If you believe your firewall or proxy server does not operate correctly with RDS, please contact Microsoft Developer Support.

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More information

Microsoft provides third-party contact information to help you find technical support. This contact information may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this third-party contact information.

List of firewalls currently known not to work with RDS:

  • Network Associates TIS Gauntlet versions older than 4.2 Network Associates has identified a problem in versions of Gauntlet older than version 4.2. Network Associates have verified that TIS Gauntlet version 4.2 does work with RDS. This has not been tested by Microsoft as yet. For more information please contact Network Associates directly at Gauntlet users can also e-mail

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