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Articles for product: Internet Explorer 9

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162059 How to configure Internet Explorer to open Office documents in the appropriate Office program instead of in Internet Explorer
175775 Nothing happens when you click a link in Internet Explorer
182569 Internet Explorer security zones registry entries for advanced users
240797 How to stop an ActiveX control from running in Internet Explorer
260971 Description of Cookies
264921 How IIS authenticates browser clients
275033 Cookies Are Not Saved If the Host Name Is Invalid
278835 How to delete cookie files in Internet Explorer
282402 How do I configure Internet Explorer to download more than two files at one time?
308260 How to troubleshoot script errors in Internet Explorer
318378 How to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer in Windows
813827 How to change the default keep-alive time-out value in Internet Explorer
842848 Cannot view a Web site that uses an internationalized domain name by using Internet Explorer
922774 FIX: The Setup program does not respond when you deploy a ClickOnce application over the Internet or over an intranet and a user clicks Install or Run on a published page in Internet Explorer
927377 Information about the Windowed SELECT control and about the Windowless SELECT control in Internet Explorer 7
928675 Separation of Internet Explorer 7 from the Windows shell
930167 How to report a phishing Web site
930168 How to turn the Internet Explorer Phishing Filter or the SmartScreen Filter on or off
930268 You cannot visit a Web site if you pass the address through an ActiveX control that accepts extended characters as parameters in Internet Explorer 7
932118 Persistent cookies are not shared between Internet Explorer and Office applications
932175 VML element is not displayed in strict standards-compliant mode in Internet Explorer
934279 Information about a URL encoding change in Windows Internet Explorer 7
934365 Error message when you call the method from a Web page to open an active document in Internet Explorer: "permission denied"
936211 How to troubleshoot network connectivity problems in Internet Explorer
938306 Internet Explorer stops unexpectedly when you try to use a JavaScript command to start Internet Explorer at a specific size and location
941052 Error message in Internet Explorer when you click a hyperlink that links to a file whose name contains UTF-8-encoded characters: "The page cannot be displayed"
946214 An HTML application that uses the "onbeforeunload" event closes unexpectedly in Internet Explorer 7 when you click "Cancel"
949039 When you install Windows Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 9, you receive a message that the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar does not work
949197 Certain characters in a file name may be converted to underscores when a user downloads a file by using Windows Internet Explorer 7
956196 "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error
962963 The menu bar and the toolbar are missing in Internet Explorer on Windows Vista or Windows XP or in Windows Explorer on Windows XP
967894 In Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 9, you cannot access your Webmail
967897 Cannot access some websites in Internet Explorer
969057 How to fix the Cooliris add-on and Internet Explorer 8 incompatibility
969227 A compatibility problem exists between HP Smart Web Printing and Internet Explorer
969393 Information about Internet Explorer versions
975736 A memory leak occurs when you open a Web page that contains a circular reference in an iframe
982861 Availability of Windows Internet Explorer 9
2289942 How to reset your Internet Explorer proxy settings
2293762 An error occurs when using Windows Internet Explorer 8 or Windows Internet Explorer 7 to view a Web site: �Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage�.
2396576 Webpages may appear garbled or distorted and the colors may be displayed incorrectly in Internet Explorer 9
2396587 Internet Explorer 9 is no longer installed after you upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7
2398082 Webpage with complex graphics opens slowly in Internet Explorer 9
2399238 Prerequisites for installing Internet Explorer 9
2404821 Webpages do not display correctly in Internet Explorer 9
2410734 Error in Date value at beginning of DST in certain time zones
2466970 You cannot save Adobe PDF files by using the Adobe Acrobat Add-on toolbar in Internet Explorer 9
2477825 Compatibility issues with Zynga Toolbar on Internet Explorer
2485443 Older versions of the Yahoo! Toolbar may cause Internet Explorer to crash
2502724 SVG files are opened as text after you uninstall Internet Explorer 9 from a computer that has Adobe SVG Viewer installed