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Articles for product: Microsoft Excel 2002 Standard Edition

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178474 How To Build an Add-in (XLL) for Excel Using Visual C++
178605 How To Determine the Version of a Microsoft Excel Workbook
178781 How to automate Excel using MFC and worksheet functions
178783 How To Use MFC to Create a Microsoft Excel Chart
179824 XL: Features and Formatting Lost Saving to Excel 5.0/95
180312 HOWTO: Use Automation to Set the Printer from an MFC Project
180625 How to use Automation to modify the Office menu
181201 HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, LOOKUP return incorrect values in Excel
181473 HOWTO: Use OLE Automation from a C Application Rather Than C++
181889 BUG: VB Hangs While Automating Excel Using OLE Control
182197 The General number format rounds off real numbers in Excel
182812 Description of the Value2 property for the Range object
184663 How to embed and automate a Microsoft Excel worksheet with MFC
186047 XL: Incorrect Formula Using FormulaR1C1 When Chart Active
186120 How To Use MFC to Automate Excel and Fill a Range with an Array
186122 How to use MFC to automate Excel 2000 and Excel 2002 and obtain an array from a range in Excel 2000 and Excel 2002
186898 How To Read Compound Document Properties Directly with VC++
187745 BUG: Microsoft Excel Does Not Repaint Properly with Automation
187919 BIFF8 BOUNDSHEET record data for uncompressed Unicode in Excel
189897 Data truncated to 255 characters with Excel ODBC driver
190985 How to get IDispatch of an Excel or Word document from an OCX
192348 How to automate Excel and then know the user closed it
194611 How To Create and Call an Excel Macro Programmatically from VB
199201 XL: Cannot Move or Resize Chart Objects in a PivotChart
199503 AutoFill is limited to 255 characters in Excel
199505 Macro performance slow when page breaks are visible in Excel
199691 How to automate using Visual C++ to save Excel worksheet as HTML file
199841 How To Display ASP Results Using Excel in IE with MIME Types
201487 Patterns do not display in a Web browser in Excel
205548 How to use A functions in Excel
207475 DOC: Excel BIFF8 CONTINUE Record Information Is Incomplete
209121 Excel HTML file always displayed at 100 percent zoom
210320 Web page saved in Excel displays differently in Web browser
210684 Copying worksheet programmatically causes run-time error 1004 in Excel
211370 XL: CELL Function with "filename" No Longer Volatile
211474 Separate jobs are sent when you print or fax multiple copies in Excel
211515 Using server page fields in PivotTables in Excel
211557 Additional columns or rows that are not selected may be added to the print titles when you create print titles on a worksheet in Excel
211580 Only 1,024 characters are displayed in a cell in Excel
211612 AutoCorrect in Excel stops working if you have 225 or more characters in the cell or text box
211717 Comment formatting may be lost when you share a workbook
211809 Some of the properties of worksheets are not preserved in Excel
211816 Comments may not be printed as expected
211830 Time values that are created by the fill feature may be incorrect in Excel
211835 How to control the placement of objects
211912 Cannot use Web data source as PivotTable data in Excel
211933 Chart display options change according to page setup
211951 Overview of the built-in chart types in Excel
212064 XL: F4 Key Does Not Change Cell Formula Reference As Expected
212074 A Visual Basic procedure that opens a workbook may halt in Excel