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Articles for product: Microsoft Data Access Components 2.0

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216973 PRB: "Errors Occurred" upon Accessing Index Server 2.0 via RDS
216978 BUG: "Invalid number" Error When Inserting Decimals into UNIX Version of Oracle
217754 How To Control Which MDAC Version the Package and Deployment Wizard (PDW) Distributes
218184 PRB: Restart After MDAC Installation Causes Error
218600 How To Use Data Links to Create a Connection String at Run Time
218751 FIX: ADO Command Incorrectly Returns Identity From Stored Procedure
219293 INFO: ODBC, SQL Server, and Jet Versions Shipped with MDAC
220863 FIX: Load Delays When Debugging ODBC Applications in Visual C++
221071 INFO: OLEDB Provider Support For ITransactionLocal and ITransactionJoin
221240 PRB: Firewalls or Proxy Servers Can Cause RDS to Fail
222120 INFO: Last Trailing Zero in Numeric Field Truncated with Sybase Database
222664 PRB: Call to SQL Stored Procedure Returns 'Invalid Column Name'
223333 OleDbOrc.exe: Using the OLE DB Cursor Engine Service to Provide Updatability for OLE DB Providers
224320 FIX: Different MTS Transaction Contexts Cause Increase in Connections
225042 BUG: Error Message: Error '80004005' Unexpected Error
228843 How To Implement Session Pooling from Visual Basic ADO Program
228935 FIX: Uninitialized String Variables, Empty String Values, Jet Provider, and Errors Occurred
229564 SQL application role errors with OLE DB resource pooling
230101 FIX: Data Queries Sporadically Return Empty Recordsets
230912 PRB: "Not a Valid Month" Error when Inserting into Oracle Date Fields
235053 PRB: E_FAIL Returned from Prepare() When SQL Statement Contains a Parameter in a Subquery
235515 FIX: Calling IDBInfo::GetKeywords() Causes AV with OLE DB Provider for ODBC (MSDASQL)
237388 PRB: Microsoft 32-Bit ODBC Drivers Cannot Be Used from 16-Bit Applications
237536 PRB: 80004005 Unspecified Error When Passing Disconnected Recordset from MTS to ASP
237844 How To Enable ODBC Connection Pooling in a Visual Basic ADO Application
238279 PRB: Executing Refresh Method of ADO Data Control Causes Syntax and Method Refresh Errors
238949 How To Set the SQL Server Network Library in an ADO Connection String
240019 How To Dynamically Populate a Data Report in Visual Basic
240166 INFO: MDAC 2.1 Sets Session Pooling ON by Default
240838 How To Use the MSRemote Provider Through Client Script
241267 PRB: SQL Server Link to Remote Database Fails with Error 7399
241433 Hata: ADO ve OLE DB uygulama d�zg�n Microsoft Works 4.5a y�klendikten sonra �alismayabilir
241820 FIX: Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver Does Not Support Some Collating Sequences
245355 FIX: SQL Server 2000 BIGINT Data Type Is Mapped by MSDASQL to DBTYPE_STR Instead of DBTYPE_I8 in Schema
245358 FIX: Update Resync Property Not Persisted Properly with XML Format
245493 FIX: Refreshing ADO Record's Fields Collection Does Not Retrieve Metadata Information
245745 SAMPLE: RDS_Comp.exe Demonstrates How to Use the RDS.Dataspace Object from Client Script
246360 PRB: Space in ConnectString Does Not Allow Pessimistic Locking
247271 How To Debug a Visual Basic Component Invoked Through the RDS.Dataspace
247810 PRB: Localization of ODBC Driver Causes Duplicate ODBC Driver Entries
248287 INFO: Understanding ADO Marshaling
248404 PRB: Run-Time Error Message 430 with ADO Redistributed Application
250286 FIX: Error "Datetime field overflow" When Inserting Negative (B.C.) Dates with Oracle ODBC Driver
250999 PRB: RDS Does Not Work Correctly with OLE DB Simple Provider
251080 INFO: Legitimate Redistribution Mechanism for MDAC
251267 FIX: Access Violation in Msadce.dll When Using the RDS Data Control
252666 ACC97: Inconsistent Results Are Returned from a Query That Is Based on Linked Visual FoxPro Tables
253240 PRB: Errors Not Returned When Stored Procedure Statement Fails
253353 PRB: Resultset Column Must be a Formal Argument When Calling Oracle Procedure