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PRB: Restart After MDAC Installation Causes Error

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After you install the Microsoft Data Access Components 1.5 through 2.1, you need to restart your computer. After you restart, you might receive the following error message:
Unable to open response file c:\temp\odbcconf.tmp

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MDAC looks for the Odbcconf.tmp file in the directory assigned by the TEMP environment variable. If the Autoexec.bat file contains a command to delete all files in the \Temp directory, this file will be missing when the last portion of the MDAC installation is completed (during start up).

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Do not delete files in the \Temp directory when you restart the computer. Comment out the "offending" line in the Autoexec.bat with the DOS's REM command. For example:
REM deltree C:\temp\*.* /y
Also, make sure that Autoexec.bat is not calling any other batch (.bat) file, which could delete files in \Temp directory.

You need to run the MDAC installation again because the initial installation was incomplete.

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This behavior is by design.

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