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BUG: Error Message: Error '80004005' Unexpected Error

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Within your MDAC code, you have multiple recordsets with the same recordset object that are created off of the same command and are also pointing to the same connection. The first recordset that is opened contains multiple recordsets within that same object. Before calling NextRecordset on that object, open another Recordset (new recordset object) and point the ActiveConnection property to the same command and connection to which at the other recordset object was pointing. This causes the following error when the Set rs = rs.NextRecordset is executed:
error '80004005' Unspecified error
This error occurs in MDAC 2.0 and MDAC 2.1. It does not occur in MDAC 1.5.

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Make sure that the ActiveConnection property of the Command object for the first recordset is set only once throughout the page (especially if it contains multiple physical recordsets within the same recordset object) if the same connection is still being used.

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Microsoft has confirmed that this is a bug in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.

This bug was corrected in MDAC 2.5.

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More information

Steps to Reproduce Behavior

  1. Open a new Active Server Pages (ASP) page in Visual InterDev and paste the following code onto the page:
    <%@ Language=VBScript %>
            Set cn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
    	cn.Open "pubs","sa",""
    	Set cmd = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
    	Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")	
    	cmd.CommandText = "Select * From Authors Select * From Stores Select * From Sales"
    	cmd.CommandType = 1
    	Set cmd.ActiveConnection = cn
            rs.Open cmd
    	Response.Write(rs(0) & "<BR>")
            Response.Write(rs(0) & "<BR>")
            Response.Write(rs(1) & "<BR>")
            Set rs = rs.NextRecordset 'Fails on this line
            Response.Write("New Recordset after NextRecordset Call" & "<BR>")
            Response.Write(rs(0) & "<BR>")
            Response.Write(rs(1) & "<BR>")
      Sub GetDBValues
    	Set rst = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
    	cmd.CommandText = "Select * from stores" 
    	cmd.CommandType = 1
    	Set cmd.ActiveConnection = cn
    	rst.Open cmd
    	Response.Write("Opened new recordset" & "<BR>")
      End Sub		
  2. Create a data source name (DSN) called "pubs" that points to the pubs database on SQL Server.
  3. Run the page and the following error appears:
    '80004005' "Unspecified error"

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