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Articles for product: Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8

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171221 INF: List of Version Numbers of ODBC Driver Manager and SQL Server
177138 INFO: Nested Transactions Not Available in ODBC/OLE DB/ADO
177514 PRB: Installing MDAC/ADO/RDS on Windows NT Requires Admin Privileges
190773 INFO: ODBC/OLE DB/ADO/RDS are Inter-Dependent for MDAC 2.x
191271 PRB: ERR "ADO Could Not Find The Specified Provider"
195082 How to use ADO disconnected and persisted recordsets
195222 ADO Find method only supports one criteria
195489 CommandTimeout does not inherit from Connection timeout
229564 SQL application role errors with OLE DB resource pooling
231943 Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) release history
243069 INFO: List of Useful Articles Related to MDAC Setup
248404 PRB: Run-Time Error Message 430 with ADO Redistributed Application
253157 BUG: Identity field remains read-only after executing SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON statement
255986 PRB: Improper Installation of MDAC May Return Error Message "Method '~' of Object '~' Failed" at Run Time with ADO Application
258013 How To Use ADOX to Determine If a Primary Key Exists on a Table
271908 MDAC version 2.6 and later do not contain Jet or Desktop ODBC drivers
285295 SQL Server 2000 changes name of RETURN_VALUE to @RETURN_VALUE
301384 INFO: OLEDB session pooling supports limit on connection lifetime
304277 BUG: ADO/SHAPE Generates Incorrect UPDATE Statement When Using UNION Clause
305838 PRB: MDAC Installation on Windows Terminal Server May Fail
309166 PRB: MDAC Installation Rolls Back at the Very End of the Setup Process
310303 Visual Basic 6.0 Package and Deployment Wizard does not distribute MDAC 2.6
311720 PRB: MDAC Rollback May Fail on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition
322968 FIX: CColumnsInfo Reference Count Leak in MSDAORA REF CURSOR When You Retrieve Data from an Oracle Function
327964 FIX: High Critical Section Contention in MSWSTR10.dll under Stress
330019 FIX: SQLXML that includes MDAC 2.7 or MDAC 2.8 returns GUID fields without "{}" characters
811704 FIX: You may receive the "Unspecified error" error message when you try to open an ADO recordset in Data Access Components 2.7 Service Pack 1 or in Data Access Components 2.8
815701 FIX: Memory leak may occur in Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle when you use the REF CURSOR data type and the LONG data type
817518 Passing ADODB::Field object to ADO Command.CreateParameter method causes a memory leak
820754 MDAC 2.6 or later should not be installed on SQL Server 7.0 clusters
822758 INF: Available Release Manifests for MDAC Products
824304 The Depth property of the Level object always returns -1
826770 FIX: Incorrect native SQL error information when you use SQLXML to retrieve data
827452 FIX: General network error when you try to back up or restore a SQL Server database on a computer that is running Windows Server 2003
832483 MS04-003: Buffer overrun in an MDAC function could allow code execution
836830 FIX: Query performance declines when you use the SET FMTONLY Hint in the Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server and the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
837188 MDAC hotfixes do not install or the hotfix may be re-offered by Windows Update
837770 PRB: Error occurs when you try to rollback MDAC installation
842193 Frequently asked questions about the installation of Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)
875411 BUG: Only 65,534 rows are inserted when you try to insert more than 65,535 records in a SQL Server table by using the SQLBulkOperations ODBC function
883710 FIX: bcp utility causes an access violation when you import data that has a mismatch field for a data column
883713 FIX: You may receive an access violation error message when the application uses the SQLOLEDB provider
883715 ODBC32.dll file causes a deadlock when loading an MFC extension DLL
883716 FIX: The bcp utility does not import DBCS data from a text file that is larger than 32 MB
885460 FIX: You receive a "The process could not bulk copy into table '<TableName>' " error message when you run the Distribution Agent or the Merge Agent after you run the Snapshot Agent in SQL Server 2000
887576 FIX: You may receive an access violation in your application when you bind too many parameters to an ODBC statement handle and then you clean up the statement handle
890759 FIX: You may receive the "Server: Msg 7399, Level 16, State 1, Line 1" error message when you run a query against a remote view through a linked server in SQL Server 2000
916647 You are prompted to continue the software removal process when you use Spuinst.exe and the /passive switch to remove an MDAC update
916850 You are prompted to send an error report to Microsoft when you try to apply a MDAC software update
917950 You may be prompted to send an error report to Microsoft if you do not restart the computer between MDAC updates