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Articles for product: Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0 Professional Edition

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130137 HOWTO: How to Use ODBC to Run SQL SELECT on Microsoft Excel Data
130463 HOWTO: How to Import Microsoft Access Data
130506 HOWTO: Use AERROR() in Place of DBERROR() for ODBC Errors
133286 HOWTO: Use Microsoft Access Data in Visual FoxPro
138998 HOWTO: How to Use SQL Pass-Through to Send Results to a Table
142216 How To Create ODBC Data Sources Using SqlConfigDataSource
146224 HOWTO: Use SQL Pass Through to Connect to ASCII Text Files
148641 DOC: Generic Categories of ODBC Errors
149882 How To Execute a Stored Procedure on an Oracle Server
150550 How To Obtain Windows 3.1/Windows 95 Btrieve ODBC Interface
155392 How To Creating a Connection to SQL Server Without a Datasource
155809 How To Use the SYS(3053) Function Handle with ODBC
155913 INFO: Visual Foxpro and ODBC Server-Side Cursors
156061 How To Use the FoxPro SQLPrepare() Function
157525 BUG: Remote View Has Only Two Join Types
157628 FIX: Double Quotes in Remote View Filter Expression Cause Error
165775 HOWTO: Set up a Visual FoxPro Internet Server
174689 HOWTO: Set a Primary Key to Updateable in a View
176830 How To Create a Connection Programmatically
186086 How To Get a File DSN in the Connection Designer
187788 BUG: "No Result" Error Saving Oracle Parameterized View
187909 HOWTO: How to Prevent UI in an Out of Process Server
189918 How To Administer SQL Server Users from Visual FoxPro
191502 HOWTO: Use Component Gallery to Build an Application
191638 How To Programmatically Access the Registry in Visual FoxPro
191694 How To Add a User and Set User Privileges to SQL Server
192857 How To Use Index Files with Offline Views
194197 FIX: Application Setup Fails on Some Computers
194434 HOWTO: Using the Setup Wizard in Visual FoxPro 6.0
195082 How to use ADO disconnected and persisted recordsets
195262 How To Delete ODBC Data Source Using SqlConfigDataSource
195526 How To Retrieve Primary Keys for SQL Server Tables
196084 How To Retrieve Foreign Key Information from SQL Server
196333 PRB: Not Null Field Returns Error Using VFPODBC SQL Insert
196711 BUG: Extra Spaces Added to Fields When Updating MS Access Table
196773 FIX: Slow View Performance with Sybase ODBC Driver
219025 BUG: ODBC Query of VFP View Returns SQL_NO_DATA_FOUND
221614 FIX: Remote View Wizard Gives Error with Spaces in Table Name
221750 FIX: Upsizing to SQL 7.0 with Currency Type Fails
231812 How To Programmatically Set the Compatibility Level of the SQL Server ODBC Driver