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FIX: Application Setup Fails on Some Computers

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When you install an application on a computer running Windows 95, the application setup terminates with the following messages:
MSDADC.DLL was unable to register itself in the system registry.
Setup was not completed successfully.
This error message is incomplete and does not describe the real cause of the problem.

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This behavior occurs due to an incompatibility between the version of the Msdadc.dll file installed by Setup and the existing version of the Ole32.dll file on the target computer.

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You can work around this issue by installing Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) for Windows 95 or Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later.

You can install DCOM for Windows 95 (DCOM95) from the following Web address:

You can install Internet Explorer 4.0 or later from the following Web address:

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Microsoft has confirmed that this is a bug in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article. This bug has been fixed in the updated version of the Setup Wizard Vfp6swiz.exe dated 10/08/1998. This bug was corrected in Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 3.

For more information about Visual Studio service packs, please see the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

194022� INFO: Visual Studio 6.0 Service Packs, What, Where, Why
194295� HOWTO: Tell That Visual Studio 6.0 Service Packs Are Installed

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More information

NOTE: The bug that Visual Studio Service Pack 3 fixes concerns the error message. Service pack 3 does not install an updated version of DCOM. You must still install DCOM from the locations listed in the RESOLUTION section above.

In service pack 3, the error message now reads:
The ODBC drivers need DCOM95, which does not appear to be installed. DCOM 95 is available from the Microsoft Web site. We highly recommend you click Yes to exit now, install DCOM95, and run this setup again. Terminate setup?
Two buttons titled Yes and No appear below the message. If you select Yes, the setup terminates.

If you choose No, the setup continues to run. At the end of the setup routine, you see the following message:
MSDADC.DLL was unable to register itself in the system registry.
The setup program then terminates.

The Msdadc.dll file supports Visual FoxPro's ODBC functions and is installed in the Windows\System directory, by the Setup Application. The Msdadc.dll file has dependencies in the Ole32.dll file, and registration of the Msdadc.dll file fails if it is not supported by the existing version of the Ole32.dll file. Installation of either DCOM for Windows 95 or Internet Explorer 4.0 updates the version of the Ole32.dll file on the target computer.

Steps to Reproduce Behavior

  1. Create a project and add a program file containing the following code:
    WAIT WINDOW "This Application is Running"
  2. Build the project into an executable.
  3. Run the Setup Wizard and select ODBC Drivers in step 2.
  4. Install the .exe file on a Windows 95 computer that has Ole32.dll version 2.1.

    RESULTS: Setup proceeds normally until registry updates occur. Then, the following message appears:
    MSDADC.DLL was unable to register itself in the system registry.
    Setup then terminates with the following message:
    Setup was not completed successfully.

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For more information on the updated Setup Wizard, please see the following URL:

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