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Articles for product: Application Server

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848124 How to set up Application Server in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2158916 The value in the Time Scheduled box in the Application Server Status (96.030.00) screen is set to 00:00 in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2387989 Order Management invoices sent through Quick Send do not included the invoice number in the subject or the body text of the email message in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2459202 "9602000.exe has stopped working" error when you submit a report to Application Server in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2483730 "ASDEVOBJ: Error Refreshing Application Servers: Timeout expired" error message when Application Server is running in Microsoft Dynamics SL 7.0
2641269 Actual Build Quantity is rounded to two decimal positions in bin/lot/serial numbers (40.112.00)
2641343 When you submit a request to Application Server for Transaction Import for Purchase Orders, only the first detail line in the data file is imported
2655112 System message 916 when an Order Management invoice is sent by using Quick Send
2686520 Error message when you import a shipper for a lot-numbered inventory item in Microsoft Dynamics SL: "System Message 15455: All lots and serial numbers have not been entered on the Bin/Lot/Serial maintenance form for inventory item %"
2711595 Error message in Application Server when a Quick Send report is not processed: "could not route report"
2749478 Some email addresses are not working if they are entered for the reply email address on the Quick Send tab
2750451 When you Quick Send a Purchase Order that was sent previously, incorrect information is included in the Quick Send Notification email messages
2765102 Application Server displays error 10065 when uploading reports to SharePoint
2780682 Transaction Import requests that are submitted to Application Server create batches in the current company and not the company specified in the request
2788173 Reports emailed from Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics SL incorrectly have a .htm file extension
2873449 The preprocess for Payroll Direct Deposit Advice Slips times out when there are many records