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Articles for product: Windows 7 Professional N

Article ID Article Title Hidden
2530664 CopyProfile fails with FindLatestProfile failed (0x80070003) error during Windows 7 deployment
2545227 Event ID 10 is logged in the Application log after you install Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2
2603586 When you try to access a DFS-N Link pointing to a WebDav Share you get an Network Name not Found Error message in Windows 7
2619778 Offline Files are not working after upgrade from Windows 7 Starter or Home
2624388 Video flickers when playing DVD with subtitles in Windows Media Center
2624911 UnregisterClass function may leak memory
2625567 Open windows change position when turning off DisplayPort monitor on Windows 7
2654239 Japanese IME toolbar may not function as expected with applications running as Administrator on Windows Vista and Windows 7
2664716 How to create OEMLogo with background color in Windows 7
2667628 Missing Windows Installer cache requires a computer rebuild
2671722 Drivers fail to install if Telnet Server is started under Local System Account
2673140 Documents with custom page sizes may not print correctly on PostScript printers
2684055 Cannot boot WinPE after installing it to a hard disk on a UEFI computer
2698583 Delay when launching programs in the Windows search path
2716476 Windows Experience Index shows "1.0" for Graphics Subscore
2722535 Unable to scan or open very high resolution file in Paint on Windows Vista or Windows 7
2724530 Desktop background disappears with very large extended desktop on Windows 7
2730127 System crashes with DRIVER_VERIFIER_IOMANAGER_VIOLATION in usbstor.sys
2755080 "Show Bluetooth Devices" does not show any devices on Dutch Windows 7
2759102 WinRE Installation fails if WinRE has been previously installed
2801382 Unable to open Internet TV in Windows Media Center
2846298 Offline injection of hotfixes which service EFI boot files fails to service boot files
3115858 MS16-013: Description of the security update for Windows Journal: February 9, 2016
4458442 Fix download prompt for Windows Search when you type in Address bar of Internet Explorer 8