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Articles for product: Microsoft Access 97 Standard Edition

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95327 ACC: Error When Importing dBASE, FoxPro, or Paradox Table
97624 ACC: How to Synchronize Two Combo Boxes on a Form
100139 ACC: Database Normalization Basics
100149 ACC: How to Use the Quit Macro Action or Quit Method
112112 ACC: How to Optimize Queries in Microsoft Access 2.0, Microsoft Access 95, and Microsoft Access 97
115915 ACC: Sample Expressions to Extract Portion of Text String
119784 Error message when you try to add tables to the Relationships window in Access: "There is not enough memory to perform this operation. Close unneeded applications and then try the operation again"
130514 ACC: Storing, Calculating, and Comparing Date/Time Data
141621 ACC: How to Create Pop-up Context-Sensitive Help (95/97)
148463 ACC: How to Display Images in a Form or in a Report Without Storing the Images in a Table
150057 Microsoft Access newsgroups available on the Internet
153748 ACC: How to Call Excel Functions from Within Microsoft Access
162523 ACC97: Migrating from Data Outline Control to TreeView Control
164109 ACC: Where to Find Microsoft Access Information on the Web
165009 ACC: Microsoft Access Security FAQ Available in Download Center
165993 ACC97: Example Using TreeView Control Drag-and-Drop Capabilities
167309 ACC: Sample Procedure to Fill a TreeView Control Recursively
173006 ACC: "File Sharing Lock Count" Error During Synchronization
175274 Microsoft Snapshot Viewer is available in download center
176201 ACC: How to Import a Works Database into Microsoft Access
177338 OFF97: Confirm File Delete Dialog Box Not Displayed
182822 ACC: How to Transpose Data in a Table or Query
183792 How to Create an Audit Trail of Record Changes in a Form
183936 ACC: "File Already in Use" Error When Opening Database on Novell
184988 ACC: "Selected Collating Sequence Not Supported" or "Unrecognized Database Format" Error
192919 How To Automate a Secured Access Database Using Visual Basic
197110 List of the references that you must set when you work with Access 2000 or Access 97 database
197902 PRB: Jet 3.51 OLE DB Provider Is Not Installed With MDAC 2.1 or Later
198986 A newly created Access 97 database is not secure when you convert a security-enhanced Access 2000 database to Access 97 format
208683 "Microsoft Access can't change the working directory to" error message when you start Access
213800 In Office programs, you receive a "Specified COMMAND search directory had too many parameters" error message when you try to use an MS-DOS core command from the Shell function
217156 PRB: Jet Doesn't Honor AllowZeroLength=No When Table Created With CREATE TABLE SQL Statement
234525 ACC: Running Stored Access Queries with Wildcards via ODBC May Return Incorrect Results
235279 ACC2000: "Can't Find the Database You Specified" Error When Starting Access 97 on Computer with Office 2000 Small Business Tools
235280 You receive a "Can't find the database you specified" error message when you start Access 97 after upgrade to Office 2000
236825 PRB: #deleted seen when SQL Server 7.0 tables or SQL Server 6.5 tables that are linked to Access 97 or Access 2000 are opened
236872 You receive an "I/O Error" or the subfolders are displayed as question marks or squares in Office programs
237575 How to revert to the Access 97 ODBC driver if MDAC 2.1 overwrites the Access 97 ODBC driver with the Access 2000 ODBC driver
241709 You may receive the "Microsoft Access can't find the project or library" error message when you compile an Access 2000 database that has been converted to an Access 97 database
242002 PRB: ATL Control Appears Incorrect in Access Report
242375 PRB: Office 97 Automation Client Fails After Re-compilation with Office 2000 or Later Type Library
243304 BUG: CREATE INDEX on Attached Table Fails Silently with More than 10 Fields
244137 No records returned in query between an Access 2000 table and a linked Access 97 table
245676 ACC2000: Records Newly Inserted into Access Database Are Not Immediately Available When Reselecting
246255 How To Use a SQL Server 7.0 Distributed Query with a Linked Server to Secured Access Databases
247489 ACC2000: Error Message When You Open Jet 3.5 Replica That Was Compacted with Jet 4.0
251136 PRB: Numeric Field Displays #Deleted with Oracle Linked Tables
252666 ACC97: Inconsistent Results Are Returned from a Query That Is Based on Linked Visual FoxPro Tables
255782 How To Use ADO and ADOX to Modify the Base Query of an Access QueryDef Object in Visual Basic
258511 How to obtain the window handle for an Office Automation server