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Articles for product: Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0 Standard Edition

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191289 How To Enable Event Error Logging for FrontPage 2000, FrontPage 98 and SourceSafe
219222 FP2000: Error Message: There Is No Page with URL 'Page.htm' in This Web
236960 Server Error: Visual Source Safe Failure. A "File or Project Not Found" Error Occurred While Operating on File "$/Foldername"
238252 Enable Event Error Logging for FrontPage 2000 and Visual SourceSafe
241963 INFO: SourceSafe Integration Changes with FrontPage 2000 Server
243337 PRB: Errors with Integration After Enabling P & M
243623 Errors Occur with Source Control Integration When Checking Out Files
244953 How To Implement SourceSafe Integration with FrontPage 2000
246123 How To Add Web Projects to Multiple SourceSafe Databases
247683 PRB: Error Message "FrontPage Server Extentions on This Web Do Not Support Getting Previous Versions"
253194 FrontPage Checks Out the Wrong Version of a Pinned File in Visual SourceSafe
299900 FIX: Integration of Visual SourceSafe, Visual InterDev, and FrontPage does not succeed and the file does not appear to be under source control