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Articles for product: Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0

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153119 XFOR: Telnet to Port 25 to Test SMTP Communication
194699 Extended Log File Format Always in GMT
258748 How to set a limit on the number of SMTP messages in queues
262168 How to turn off 8BITMIME in Windows 2000 and in Windows Server 2003 SMTP service
267568 An old password still works after you change it in Outlook Web Access
284662 You receive a "Web Proxy service failed to bind its socket" event message when you use both IIS and ISA Server 2000
294305 IIS returns HTTP "403.13 Client Certificate Revoked" error message although certificate is not revoked
297989 PRB: Configured Identity Is Incorrect for IWAM Account
299973 Using Microsoft Jet with IIS
307608 Using URLScan on IIS
309506 How To Perform an Unattended Installation of IIS 6.0
324272 How To Configure a Remote Domain for an Internet Information Services SMTP Mail Relay Server in Windows Server 2003
324277 How To Create a Metabase Backup by Using IIS 6.0 in Windows Server 2003
324287 HOW TO: Use Host Header Names to Configure Multiple Web Sites in Internet Information Services 6.0
324320 HOW TO: Use a FrontPage Web Site on a Clustered File Share
325093 ASP.NET pages exhibit unexpected behavior because the server-side code is not processed
325877 How to control access to a database on a Web server in Windows Server 2003
325947 Event ID 1003 with ASP.NET Deadlock
326020 How to configure IIS 6.0 URL authorization
332052 IIS6: User Interface Does Not Permit Unicode Characters in Host Header Names
332103 IIS 6.0: IIS Admin Service Does Not Start After Upgrade
332124 IIS 6.0: ASP.NET Is Not Automatically Installed on Windows Server 2003
332142 NTLM requests for content on UNC share may be returned with 401 error messages
555030 SMTP Does Not Appear in the IIS Manager
555071 IISADMPWD Virtual Directory Is Not Created During a Default Install of IIS 6.0
812405 PRB: ASP.NET 1.0 does not appear in the Web Service Extension list in IIS 6.0
812408 ASP.NET 1.0 is supported only in IIS 5.0 isolation mode in IIS 6.0
812614 Default permissions and user rights for IIS 6.0
815127 How To: Access IIS 6.0 Help Documentation
815171 HOW TO: Configure an ASP.NET Application to Use the Same Credentials as an ASP 3.0 Application
817033 PRB: "Access denied" Error Message When You Run an ASP.NET 1.0 Application in IIS 6.0
817265 How To Set Up Multiple User Debugging in Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0
824151 MS04-030: Vulnerability in WebDAV XML message handler could lead to a denial of service
825487 How to query Index Server data by using ASP in FrontPage 2003
825489 How to use the command line tools to install and configure FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions
825547 HOW TO: Use the SharePoint Administrator to Install and Configure the FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions
828222 How to generate a dump file when ASP.NET deadlocks in IIS 6.0
828869 The IIS worker process recycles when you use the Server.Execute method
832979 BUG: Custom logging properties at the master properties level are reset when you upgrade to IIS 6.0
833734 FIX: You experience various problems when you use the Password Change pages in IIS 6.0
835387 Different event log entries that are generated by ASP.NET
838306 FIX: Web applications that use the Jet database engine may stop responding under heavy load
840875 BUG: IIS 6.0 is slower than IIS 5.0 when you use the WriteClient API to send data
843584 Your ASP or ASP.NET application may restart or you may lose the session object when more SMB requests exist than the Web server can process
883489 You receive an "Access is denied" error message when you connect to a Web site after you modify permissions in the metabase in IIS 6.0
884115 You receive a "403.13 client certificate revoked" error message when you connect to a computer that is running Windows Server 2003 and Internet Information Services 6.0
885655 IIS Manager does not start and you receive an error message when you use IIS and Windows Server 2003
889363 Usage analysis for Office XP Web Services does not automatically occur on a server that is running Windows Server 2003
895976 Windows Server 2003 SP1 enables WOW64 compatibility for 32-bit Web applications in IIS 6.0
896285 You may receive an error message when you try to use WebDAV to upload files to Web site that is hosted on IIS 6.0