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Articles for product: Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise

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267568 An old password still works after you change it in Outlook Web Access
309185 Meetings on owner's calendar by a delegate don't display free/busy information for additional attendees in Outlook
925825 Event ID 9519 and error 0x80004005 when you try to mount a database in Exchange Server
979174 454 4.7.0 Temporary authentication failure in a Microsoft Exchange Server
979175 Some e-mail messages become stuck in an Exchange Server environment
2027062 Error when you start Exchange Management Shell (EMS) or Exchange Management Console (EMC): "The requested HTTP URL was not available"
2331322 Responses from external meeting attendees do not appear in Outlook tracking
2464273 You cannot add a new Exchange Server 2010 Mailbox database to DAG in a multi-site topology environment
2497077 Outlook displays incorrect search results of the GAL in Exchange Server
2579075 ActiveSync users cannot synchronize an EAS device for the first time in an Exchange Server environment
2586832 Can't manage distribution group from Outlook with Exchange Server mailbox
2592398 Email messages in the Sent Items folder have the same PR_INTERNET_MESSAGE_ID property in an Exchange environment
2642153 Japanese DBCS characters are corrupted when you reply to or forward a message
2685437 "Delivery has failed" and "550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipNotFound" NDR after a mailbox is moved to Office 365
2710029 Shared mailboxes are unexpectedly converted to user mailboxes after directory synchronization runs in an Exchange hybrid deployment
2722715 Support for the leap second
2734791 Cross-forest or Hybrid Free Busy availability lookups fail in Exchange Server
2744868 "MapiDestinationFolder.ApplySortOrder" error when you try to move a mailbox from Exchange Server 2013 to Exchange Server 2010
2752387 Users from a federated organization cannot see the free/busy information of anotherExchange organization
2754898 Outlook Exchange Proxy Settings dialog box always displays the internal host name as the Proxy server in an Exchange Server environment
2755012 [SDP 3][d04d6306-88c6-440a-abba-ec841fc3ea49] Microsoft Exchange Server Diagnostic
2764631 Mailbox move request that you created by using the New-MoveRequest cmdlet is not displayed in EAC in an Exchange Server 2013 environment
2764844 "Cannot set folder security descriptor with non-canonical ACL" error message when you move a mailbox in an Exchange Server 2013 environment
2768774 Meeting in attendee�s Calendar loses track of the meeting organizer
2769335 You cannot use Chrome to manage settings in the EAC in a Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 environment
2769337 "Assertion Failed" warning message when you try to edit a transport rule in an Exchange Server 2013 environment
2769370 You cannot create a DLP policy in an Exchange Server 2013 environment
2769371 You cannot retrieve CDRs by using EMC or ECP in an Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Server 2013 coexistence environment
2770796 "HTTP 400 Bad Request" error message when you try to open another user's mailbox in Outlook Web App in an Exchange Server environment
2778897 Cannot access Outlook on the Web or the EAC after you re-create the "owa" or "ECP" virtual directory on an Exchange Server Mailbox server
2779694 Unable to open OWA, ECP, or EMS after a self-signed certificate is removed from the Exchange Back End Website
2780262 Cannot access the calendar in Outlook Web App in an Exchange Server environment
2786607 "No active public folder mailboxes were found" error when you try to create a public folder in Exchange Server 2013 or Exchange Server 2016
2788136 Outlook users cannot access public folders in Exchange Server 2013 or Exchange Server 2016
2790827 Apps for Outlook 2013 do not activate as expected in email messages
2791383 SDP[eec9fd3d-2bf2-4771-b393-ae773c88f478]Description of the Exchange Unified Messaging Server diagnostics package
2795291 "ObjectClass: Unknown" is returned when you use the Get-MailboxStatistics cmdlet
2800556 Large transaction logs are generated when you move mailboxes in Exchange Server 2013 or Exchange Server 2016 Administration Center
2801813 "The parameter 'roles' is not valid" error message when try to uninstall the Exchange Server 2013 server role
2805201 Updating the Microsoft Engine when Antimalware is disabled in Exchange 2013
2807325 "Marketplace web services are currently unavailable" error message when you install an app from Marketplace by using Outlook or Outlook Web App in an Exchange Server 2013 environment
2807668 Content Index status of all or most of the mailbox databases in the environment shows "Failed"
2810617 Can't install an Exchange Server 2010 or Exchange Server 2013 update rollup or service pack when a Windows PowerShell script execution policy is defined in Group Policy
2814954 Test-OwaConnectivity and Test-EcpConnectivity cmdlet tests fail in external mode when an Exchange Server 2013 server acts as a front door for Exchange Server 2010 servers
2815301 PST Capture 2.0 is now available
2816900 Description of Cumulative Update 1 for Exchange Server 2013
2819389 Empty StorageLimitStatus field when you run the Get-MailboxStatistics cmdlet in Exchange Server 2013 or Exchange Server 2016
2823959 Managed Availability messages are journaled in Exchange Server 2013
2838688 "Free/Busy information couldn�t be retrieved because the attendee's Mailbox server is busy" error in a hybrid deployment or a cross-premises environment
2842504 EAS users incorrectly throttled in an Exchange Server 2013 environment