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Articles for product: Microsoft Exchange Client 4.0

Article ID Article Title Hidden
143375 Multiple messages received by Exchange client
148496 XCLN: Creating Shared Windows Roving Users
154792 Exchange and Schedule+ white papers and their locations
162544 Troubleshooting remote function of Exchange and Schedule+
163713 XADM: Recovering a Single Mailbox from the Online Backup
172957 How to create a new offline folder file
174887 Error Message: Exchng32 Caused an Invalid Page Fault...
179722 XCLN: Internet User Cannot Display Form Sent via Internet Mail Service
179993 XCLN: Error Message: Contents of Public Folder Currently Unavailable
183517 XCLN: Unable to Display Outlook Calendar Folder After Move Mailbox
183904 XCLN: How to Delete All MAPI Profiles for a User
218430 XCLN: Client SMTP Connectivity Using Secure Socket Layer