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Articles for product: Microsoft Visual FoxPro 5.0 Standard Edition

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130506 HOWTO: Use AERROR() in Place of DBERROR() for ODBC Errors
133286 HOWTO: Use Microsoft Access Data in Visual FoxPro
138998 HOWTO: How to Use SQL Pass-Through to Send Results to a Table
149882 How To Execute a Stored Procedure on an Oracle Server
150550 How To Obtain Windows 3.1/Windows 95 Btrieve ODBC Interface
155809 How To Use the SYS(3053) Function Handle with ODBC
155913 INFO: Visual Foxpro and ODBC Server-Side Cursors
156061 How To Use the FoxPro SQLPrepare() Function
157525 BUG: Remote View Has Only Two Join Types
157628 FIX: Double Quotes in Remote View Filter Expression Cause Error
159621 INFO: Difference Between OLE Controls and ActiveX Controls
162444 FIX: Unable to Load Installable ISAM Error in Visual FoxPro 5
163787 FIX: Form Wizard Doesn't Limit Grid Contents to Related Record
163935 FIX: Error "Invalid Page Fault" When Connecting to Sybase
165775 HOWTO: Set up a Visual FoxPro Internet Server
174689 HOWTO: Set a Primary Key to Updateable in a View
176653 FIX: Incorrect Decimal Data Sent to SQL Server with Remote View
176830 How To Create a Connection Programmatically
177540 BUG: ODBC Trace Fails with Traditional Chinese version of VFP5
185655 FIX: TMP File Errors If ALTER TABLE Runs Same Time As ODBC DLL
187720 HOWTO: How to Disable ODBC Login Prompt at Run-Time
187746 BUG: ERROR MESSAGE() Function with ODBC Connection Causes Error
187788 BUG: "No Result" Error Saving Oracle Parameterized View
189918 How To Administer SQL Server Users from Visual FoxPro
191694 How To Add a User and Set User Privileges to SQL Server
192857 How To Use Index Files with Offline Views
193403 FIX: Few Tables Listed when Using the Remote View Wizard
195262 How To Delete ODBC Data Source Using SqlConfigDataSource
195526 How To Retrieve Primary Keys for SQL Server Tables
195907 PRB: Cannot Update VFP Free Table Using FoxPro ODBC ISAM Drive
196084 How To Retrieve Foreign Key Information from SQL Server
196333 PRB: Not Null Field Returns Error Using VFPODBC SQL Insert
196711 BUG: Extra Spaces Added to Fields When Updating MS Access Table
196773 FIX: Slow View Performance with Sybase ODBC Driver
221614 FIX: Remote View Wizard Gives Error with Spaces in Table Name
231812 How To Programmatically Set the Compatibility Level of the SQL Server ODBC Driver