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Articles for product: Microsoft Data Access Components 2.1 Service Pack 2

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166112 PRB: Conflict with EOF When Using #import with ADO
176086 How To Retrieve Recordsets from Oracle Stored Procedures Using ADO
177514 PRB: Installing MDAC/ADO/RDS on Windows NT Requires Admin Privileges
178843 INFO: Required Files to Redistribute ODBC Version 3.5
178875 ORALONG.EXE: Use RDO with Oracle LONG/LONG RAW Datatypes
182290 HOWTO: Return Multiple Recordsets with Column Names and Values
183092 PRB: MDAC Standalone Setup Dialog Overly Large on Windows 95
183329 How To Populate an ActiveX TreeView Control Using ASP
183592 BUG: Setting Data Using DBTYPE_STR Binding Fails with OSP
184385 Ssadovb.exe Demonstrates Using OLEDB & ADO in Visual Basic
189220 BUG: "Syntax Error in INSERT INTO..." on ADO Recordset.Update
190463 INFO: What are MDAC, DA SDK, ODBC, OLE DB, ADO, RDS, and ADO/MD?
190773 INFO: ODBC/OLE DB/ADO/RDS are Inter-Dependent for MDAC 2.x
191094 PRB: MDAC 2.x Requires DCOM95 to Install Under Windows 95
191513 BUG: T-SQL Debugger Is Not Invoked Calling Second Stored Procedure
191745 INFO: OLE DB Readme Included with Data Access SDK Version 2.0
192009 How To Invoke Silent MDAC or DA SDK 2.0 Redistribution
192014 INFO: IRowsetResynch is Superceded by IRowsetRefresh
192040 BUG: Incorrect Results Returned DataForm Wizard Filter Command
192716 HOWTO: Update More Than 40 Fields in an Access (Jet) Database
193026 FIX: NOT_ENOUGH_STORAGE Errors in IIS Log File
194005 HOWTO: Use ADO to Return a Summary Row
194206 FIX: Jet drivers do not support bitwise operators
195017 FIX: Memory Leak in Microsoft Access ODBC Driver in MDAC 2.0
195049 How To Maintain Binary Compatibility in Components Exposing ADO
195082 How to use ADO disconnected and persisted recordsets
195222 ADO Find method only supports one criteria
195473 FIX: MS Access ODBC Driver Does Not Recognize DSN MaxBufferSize
195489 CommandTimeout does not inherit from Connection timeout
195907 PRB: Cannot Update VFP Free Table Using FoxPro ODBC ISAM Drive
196968 PRB: SHAPE Provider Pulls Down All Records in Child Table
198531 FIX: RDS 2.0 Client Cannot SubmitChanges to RDS 1.5 Server
200244 FIX: Msadco.dll Update to Address Access Violation in Devenv.exe
202955 PRB: Filter Property Fails When Using Multiple Single Quotation Marks
203726 FIX: OLE DB Provider for ODBC Allocates 64K Hash Table for Server-Side Cursor
215943 How To Installing MDAC 2.1 from SP5A of SQL Server 6.5
217890 FIX: The Properties Collection Is Not Populated for Child Recordsets Associated with Chaptered Columns
225047 FIX: Java OLE DB Simple Provider Does Not Work Reliably
228943 FIX: "Degree of Derived Table" Error When Using Table Name in Select List
230101 FIX: Data Queries Sporadically Return Empty Recordsets
231714 FIX: Cannot Export or Open Linked FoxPro Tables Using Latest ODBC Visual FoxPro Driver (6.0.8428.0)
232144 INFO: Jet OLE DB Provider Version 4.0 Supports SELECT @@Identity
234482 PRB: ADODB Out-of-Process Error with Microsoft OLAP Using Properties in SQL Statement
234525 ACC: Running Stored Access Queries with Wildcards via ODBC May Return Incorrect Results
235357 PRB: FoxPro ODBC Driver Replaced by Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver
235508 ODBC Provider Incorrectly Interprets SQL_DTC_DONE Flag in Distributed Transaction
235553 Non-Default Decimal Separator Causes MTS Transaction Enlistment to Fail on Non-U.S. Platforms
236044 FIX: Java OLE DB Simple Provider Crashes in Recordset.Delete() Method
236574 FIX: Memory Leak When Field in Recordset Has More Than 16K of Data
237492 FIX: Trailing Zeros Truncated with ADO OLEDB Provider for ODBC