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How To Installing MDAC 2.1 from SP5A of SQL Server 6.5

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Service Pack 5a for SQL Server 6.5 provides an optional installer for Microsoft Data Access Components 2.1 (MDAC 2.1).

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More information

Installing MDAC 2.1 2.10.3513.2 from SQL Server 6.5 SP5a can be accomplished as described below:
  1. Run the zip file (Sp5ax86.exe, for example) with "/d" option, which creates an MDAC subfolder with the Mdac_typ.exe file.
  2. Run Mdac_typ.exe from its folder to install MDAC 2.1.
NOTE: If you do not use the "/d" option to decompress the SP5A zip file, all files will be placed in a single folder. Running Mdac_typ.exe from that folder may fail to install MDAC in some cases and is not recommended.

Because MDAC install is optional, running SP5A Setup.exe only installs SQL server 6.5 SP5A. SQL Server 6.5 SP5A can be downloaded from the following locations:
The version of Msado15.dll installed by MDAC 2.1 is 2.10.3513.2 or later.

The following information is from the SP5A Readme.txt file.

If you plan to upgrade your server or client computer to any of the components delivered with MDAC 2.1, start the installer, Mdac_typ.exe, in the I386\Mdac or Alpha\Mdac directory and follow the instructions. Before doing that, be sure to review the instructions in the Mdacread.txt file. Even if you do not run the optional MDAC installer, Service Pack 5a Setup runs Instcat.sql, which updates the catalog stored procedures and guarantees compatibility to clients that are on MDAC 2.1.
If you install MDAC 2.1 and do not apply Service Pack 5a setup to SQL Server 6.5, then, in order to use the new SQL ODBC driver or OLEDB provider installed by MDAC 2.1, you will need to run Instcat.sql, which comes with SP5A on SQL Server.

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For additional information about this service pack, the installation process, and a list of the included files, please see the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base
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137636 INF: Relationship of the ODBC Driver to INSTCAT.SQL
For more information about MDAC, please see the information at the following link:
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